The Ultimate Guide to Creating Traffic for Wedding Pros + Creatives


A Jam Packed 30 Page Work book teaching you:

  • How to use SEO in your blog posts to attract clients

  • How to find those words clients are searching for in google

  • Never stare at your computer screen again wondering what to write for your blog

  • Get the top 3 blog post titles that make people say I need this!


This work book is a work book not just a book. There are activities where you will be brain storming and putting these into ideas into work.

If you hate the idea of blogging, then this book will guide you through the only 3 blog posts you have to be writing to get your clients attention.

Content is King!

Use That Blog!


P.S.: There is a $2 minimum.

But I'm a creative just like you. Me and my virtual assistant put a lot of work into this putting together. Pay like you would want to be paid for this work. ;) 

{ The work book will be delivered to you from my email address, please give about 30 minutes for delivery. }