Edit: You can also do a 10% off or free bonus if they sign up, but I would go with an approach to warm them up.


You can also do :

a helpful blog post on a landing page with an opt in


Don't have email software? That's cool too.

Squarespace and Leadpages allows you to collect email addresses without email software.


Landing page resources:

1) Leadpages


Examples of my landing pages:

Video opt in

Simple opt in

Webinar opt in


For my online entrepreneurs that don't need LOCAL interests:

Target your leads by other people they would follow.


For example: a lot of my clients follow a couple other coaches like Gina DeVee, Marie Forleo, etc.

BUT what you want is to find coaches with a smaller following too.

You want to include coaches who have a following below 500,000 followers. 

That narrows your reach.