FREE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM for the entrepreneur who wants a soul aligned strategic business


Free monthly membership for the ambitious AF female entrepreneur who wants a soul aligned strategic business.


The “black sheep” of your family.

You’ve been called “too much” all your life

Let’s not even talk about how awkward you feel talking about your business to family or friends…

and in addition to that you’re out here trying to build a business that’s 100% authentically your own.... Trying to remain centered and not get caught up in doing everything “the right way”

But you’re still operating out of old patterns... an mindset that isn’t yours..and misaligned beliefs that have left you running a business that leaves you (and your bank account) empty.

That’s where The Firecracker Tribe Membership comes in.

here’s what you get with the firecracker membership

🤩 Money Mindset training's: (How to raise your prices, break past your income plateau, what to do when your client can't afford it, and more!)

🤩 Strategy training’s: (How to fill your first group program, create a process that fills your offers every time, strategies that actually WORK, and more!)

🤩 Mindset training’s:
(How to attract high end clients, raise your rates to $10K and don't freak out, how I found consistency and maintained it with this 1 mindset hack, and more!)

🤩 Monthly live Q+A's

First 100 members get these 2 courses for FREE!

  1. A 6 week marketing and money boot camp

  2. Broke to Booked Out: 4 part course about filling your 1:1 program

First 25 members get:
a 15 minute call with me 

I’m so excited to welcome you to the tribe!