Get a New Client!

Welcome to the get a new client course.

Now I know you want to rush through and gobble all these fancy things up. But let me guide you.

1st) Watch 20 ways to get a new client today + grab the PDF


2nd) Do the blogging video + template first. Have that month of content planned out.

3rd) Work on your social media. 

Download the social media planner, 10 done for you posts, and mega Instagram book.

Start planning out your social media using the prompts + Instagram advice I give you.

Focus only on Instagram + Facebook or two social media channels that are working for you.

4th) Read over the Sales Strategy and start putting those pieces into place.

Blogging Video + Planner

Download the PDF down below and watch along with the video.

social media planner cover.png

Social Media Planner

This planner gives you different types of posts and what to post, when, and how to post. Use this planner with the 10 done for you to easily plan out your social media calendar even if you have NOTHING to write about.

10 done for you posts.png

10 Done for You Posts

Use this while you plan your social media, these are easy posts to plan out that create engagement.


Terrified this is going to sit on your desk top

or that you won't commit? 

Have questions about using the templates?