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Mindset + Focus

Learn how to create your goal map + stop wasting all your time on Facebook.

In this video I also talk about how you can make any amount of money you want if you do these couple steps.


Bonus Q+A

In this video I cover the most asked questions wedding pros have to get clients + feel confident.

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Marketing Strategy

Create a marketing strategy that covers how to get  clients now, what you should be posting on social media, and what to you need to be blogging about to get long term traffic.



Long Term Traffic

Learn how to maximize vendor relationships, blogging, + social media.

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Crush Your Sales

How to get over your self and ask for the sale! 


Create 1 month of your blogging content that is SEO friendly and gets you found in search. Even if you haven't done a session, have no idea what to write about, and are terrible writer. Walk away knowing what you need to write.
Use this planner with the Blogging webinar above

Use this planner with the Blogging webinar above