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I'm Shannon.

I'm here to:

> teach you why money is not evil

> build you an online business that fulfills you

> do it in YOUR way unique to YOU

Why Creatives need MORE mindset work

and LESS strategy...
Hear me out for a second.

Put down that funnel.
Put down that course on Pinterest.
Put down that book about Instagram hashtags.

What WORKED for someone else MIGHT NOT WORK FOR YOU.
EVEN what I TEACH might not work for you... 
but OMG!?

Shannon.. why would I follow you if what you're teaching might not help my business...

It's because I ask the questions where you end up telling ME what you actually need.
Not what worked for Sally, Suzy, or Johnny.

What really lights you up from within.. is how you're supposed to be showing up in your biz.. THAT is what will bring in the money.

You are a creative!

You design, you create, you photograph but when it comes to marketing + put yourself in a box. 

You do what so-so told you do, and it has to be done in THAT way.

But it doesn't.. you can be creative with your own sales and marketing.
Do I share strategy with my clients? 
Of course.

It is a small piece of my coaching work, BUT I know that YOU as a CREATIVE PRO are incredibly powerful at creating your OWN strategy.

I want you to be creative NOT to put yourself in the box.

But your inner wisdom = your money maker.
Need help accessing it?

Let's set up your personalized Fuck the Rules Strategy Session:

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