The LEADER WITHIN: The Course to your first $10K Month

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Your past doesn’t have to dictate your future.

The limits, "the what I can do limits", "well I only made this much last year, I only did this much last year, it probably only means I can do about twice as much"

These little subtle limits creeping into your thoughts every day.

  • I already sent an email to my list yesterday, I can't send another one.

  • I already posted online once or twice today, I don't want to annoy anyone.

  • People can't pay that much for my services or programs.

OR the other thoughts that ring much more loud.

  1. Man I wish I could charge that much

  2. I wish I could buy that program

  3. I wish I could get my stuff in front of more people

All of THOSE thoughts.. have a lot in common.

They are putting limits on what you can achieve, on what you can do, every day, in some way you put limits upon yourself.

They might FEEL REAL, really REAL. Like but Shannon no they really is NO WAY I can do this.

But they are NOT.

There are always way to do those things, ALWAYS a way.

> Can't find the money to do the thing you REALLY want to do? I guarantee it's out there, some way, some how.

> Can't raise your prices? You can, you're just scared.

> Want to get your stuff in front of more people? That's possible, 1 Facebook post brought in over 100 people to my email list in 10 minutes.

Limiting yourself stops by choosing not to.

Choosing to decide that your limits are the only thing that will stop you from going after what you truly desire.

Even when those limits feel SO REAL, even when it feels impossible, to go beyond them.


Here's the curriculum: 

Week 1: Intuition Marketing

How to use intuition marketing to make a bigger impact without being on your computer 24/7

Week 2: You were BORN TO LEAD

Access your inner leader. Learn how you can start being a leader in your industry in 2018 without 230490934 followers and get massive engagement on all your content.

Week 3: The $10K MONTH IS EASY

The $10K MONTH: How you can easily hit $10K without more stress or burn out all by up leveling your relationship with money.

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RELEASE + Step away: How releasing control over your business allows MORE to come in.

Week 5: Turn your  "I wish" list into "I am"

The "I wish" list: Are you looking at others saying "man I WISH I could DO that" or "I wish I could be her right now" or " I wish..." learn how your wish list can turn into an I have list


IT IS SO SIMPLE GUYS! Well duh this will speak itself, business is SO much simpler. Fuck the fancy marketing strategy, fuck being on 98934 social media platforms, fuck ALL of it, and KEEP IT SIMPLE.


You'll get:

6 Videos + 6 Worksheets



You've been putting the work in.

Being consistent on social media.

You've been blogging, kinda.

You've hired a coach.



Oh you've done it all, but every month ticks by and you get to the end of the month, and you're still at $2K-$3K a month, sometimes even dipping to $1500, and let's not talk about that one month where you were below $600.

Ugh you're still recovering from that month....

But what is missing? Why haven't you gone past the $2K-$3K month?

There's usually a couple things at play, but 3 MAJOR one's:

1) Your Money Mindset be like FUUCKEEEDDD. You still don't feel worthy. You still don't feel deserving of charging the rates you want. You see people charging the rates you want and you're like OHHH I WISH I could charge that.

2) RELEASE to receive. STEP AWAY from YOUR COMPUTER. I know, I know but Shannon shouldn't I be hustling non stop? Shouldn't I be putting in ALL the work? AGGGHHHH. Well not technically, have you ever had those moments sitting at your computer and you really haven't done ANYTHING? Like you're just scrolling Facebook, opening your email, YOUR REALLY NOT DOING ANYTHING.

So get your work done, reply to those emails, and then step away from a minute. Do something you enjoy, take your kids to the park, take a nap, go for a walk, read a book. Wait for the inspiration to flow... the inspired action that creates a lot more engagement than your forced, boring posts.

For me: I love to play this video game called Stardew Valley.

For you: What do you need to do today?


Your content is boring.

You say the same shit as everyone else.

So I see your posts and I'm like BORING.

What if you said what you REALLY think? What if you actually didn't hit back space, back space on all the posts you write?

What if you didn't have to think about what someone else would think or how someone else would feel if they read your post?

You just wrote what you TRULY believe in, what you know to be true about running a business or about your services.

If you aren't doing those 3 things: then you're probably not making more than $3K a month.

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6 Videos + 6 Worksheets

2 (30 Minute) Charge your Rates + Book the client Coaching Sessions


2 Bonus Training's

Finding your true, deep purpose + passion: The only way to get you moving full speed to the business of your dreams

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In this bonus training, you'll learn:

How to truly uncover your deep why + purpose.

The thing that will keep you going when no one is buying, no one is commenting on your stuff, or shit just isn't working.

IF you know this ^ you'll literally never give up on your business again.


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Like need I say more?