Calling all revolutionary thought-leaders and ambitious af female entrepreneurs..


i’m gifting you this live 5 day event for free…

the up-leveled life: for the woman craving the passion, the money, + the fulfilled life + biz


The “black sheep” of your family.

You’ve been called “too much” all your life

Let’s not even talk about how awkward you feel talking about your business to family or friends…

and in addition to that you’re out here trying to build a business that’s 100% authentically your own.... Trying to remain centered and not get caught up in doing everything “the right way”

But you’re still operating out of old patterns... an mindset that isn’t yours..and misaligned beliefs that have left you running a business that leaves you (and your bank account) empty.

Here’s the truth.

“You can not create a new reality with the same personality”

The up leveled life is a 5 day LIVE event (that you can attend from the comfort of your home) to up level not just your business but YOU.

Here’s the breakdown:

🤩 Day 1: How orgasms make you more money

🤩 Day 2: Throw away all your drama + make more money
🤩 Day 3: Be weird + Make more money
🤩 Day 4: Have expensive sex + make more money

🤩 Day 5: Touch a tree, fucking focus, get out of your head + make more money

Plus, access to tons of Live Trainings, exclusive videos + more...

Ready to build a business that is authentically your own, be supported by like-minded girlbosses, and just straight up have fun with this amazing tribe?

The event kicks off MONDAY FEBRUARY 4TH.

I’m so excited to welcome you to the event!