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A 3 Month boot camp for the wedding pro that's ready to create a business where it's easy to book dream clients with ideal budgets and never hear the word "oversaturated" again.


Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a wedding professional craving more clients and wondering if sites like Wedding Wire + The Knot will work

  • You lie awake at night wondering how you can get your new wedding business to full time

  • You’re want to start attracting your dream client, that trusts you, loves your work, and has the right budget

  • You want to learn how to get new clients without an insane marketing budget
  • You've been in business for 1-2 years but have no real strategy to get this thing off the ground

Then we need to seriously talk. BEEN THERE. DONE THAT.

Let’s be real: You can keep throwing around $50 to Wedding Wire, $100 to wedding blogs, $200 to Facebook Ads, and $30 to The Knot.

 Then next year do the same thing and still wonder how to get clients.

I invested $1k in that shit and guess what, no clients! 

Stop the bull shit and take charge of your business marketing.


Booking your dream clients with fuck yeah budgets

Feel proud of your business

Being consistent in your business! FINALLY! 

Feel confident in your rates that you want, not what you think your clients will pay

Getting clients like DAYYUUMM 

Having your business feel EASY because you can be YOURSELF

Book those inquiries that come in without feeling salesy

Make decisions every day that are MONEY MAKING DECISIONS not time wasting decisions


This Boot camp teaches you:

  • How to book clients EASILY online using social media, SEO techniques, and blogging 

  • How to be CONFIDENT in your pricing and pitching to your clients, no more budget brides!

  • Learn how to be CONSISTENT with social media

  • Be the BAD ASS wedding professional that is within you 

  • Stop hiding YOU in your business, BE AUTHENTIC AS FUCK


The boot camp starts on March 6th but grab the material NOW.

Who the f am I to tell you how to run your biz?

A floral designer that woke up one day with 2 growing businesses and said time to decide which one is my favorite kid?

Hmmmm agghh yup teaching marketing to women who are doubting themselves and their business potential.
BUT I had this growing floral design business that was still churning in dolla dolla bills y’all.

What did I do with it?

I sold it. I mean I invested a couple hundred to start it and sold it for 5 figures in 2 years. There’s very few things in this world that get that kind of outrageous return on investment (pretty much only stocks + houses).

The growth of the business was insane but it wasn’t because I half assed, I went hard.

Now I want you to know what I learned.

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You get immediate access to all 6 modules.

If you sign up by February 20th, you get a bonus (1 hour) coaching call.


This course is for:

You're a wedding professional looking to explode your business

You've been in business for at least 6 months, you have an idea of who your customer is and what you're selling

Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant (2 of 10).jpg

You've moved to a new city and have no idea how to market.

Your ready to get real about what’s holding you back from getting sales


How does it work?

  • You get all 6 Modules of How to Win at Weddings Course

  • 3 Live Group Coaching Calls

  • An exclusive Facebook mastermind group

  • 1 virtual co-working day

  • 1 Monthly Hot Seat

Boot Camp Details

How to Win at Weddings Course: 6 modules of all bad assery you need to succeed as a wedding pro.

(Click on image below to see details)

You get immediate access to all 6 modules: 

3 Monthly Group Coaching Calls + Office Hours

Courses are awesome right?

Until they sit on your desktop and you do nothing with them or when you have a question really specific to your business.

On these monthly group coaching calls, get your questions answered and hear others questions ( which are probably questions you'll have in the future!). Also once a month get supported with office hours in our private Facebook Mastermind.

Call Dates: March 6th, April 6th, and May 6th

Office hour dates: March 20th, April 20th, May 22nd

Accountability to the max

Wait..what? So here's where stuff get's real cray.

Virtual co-working days are where people come together, share their screens, and get stuff done because it's the "cubicle affect".

Like if you know someone is watching what you're doing, you're actually going to do it.

It's a time to get SHIT DONE.

Co-working day: To be decided by group

Make a new biz bestie + get supported by other women

I love doing group programs because it gets lonely working for ourselves.

Find your biz bestie, an accountability partner, or your new best friend in this group where we create relationships.

1 time Payment of $629 or 4 monthly payments of $179

Enrollment closes March 5th. 

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1) What's different about this program than another instagram/social media/branding/marketing course I've taken?

Anytime you've taken those courses, I'm sure you learned a lot but if you are a perfect fit for this  course YOU KNOW that you took HALF ASSED that course. You maybe put the stuff into effect for 2 weeks, or maybe you didn't put ANYTHING into place. 



2) When does the boot camp start?

The boot camp starts on March 6th but you get instant access to dive into the course right away. 

3) Who is this boot camp for?

This boot camp is for a wedding professional who wants  clients, they want to feel confident in their prices, and they're ready to be consistent + to do the work. You need a path and accountability of someone to say " DO THIS and you'll make money. " This boot camp is also for the wedding professional that is READY to put in the WORK, they're ready to change, and they won't let excuses hold them back.

4) Who is this boot camp not for?

It's not for the woman who doesn't want to change. It's not for the woman who likes to blame other people or circumstances of why she isn't successful yet. If you don't have self awareness, if you love having pity parties, or if you don't think you're the reason why you're not successful, get the fuck on. This isn't your boot camp.

5) I can't attend this one, when's the next boot camp?

The boot camp is only hosted twice a year, the next boot camp will be October 2017.

My strategies have allowed more than 100 women to be more confident, make more money, and create marketing plans that bring in clients. But if some reason you're not satisfied with the boot camp, get a full refund in 14 days. 

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(1) hour long business coaching session.

Ask me to review your marketing strategy to get make sure you're getting the most traffic or ask me how you should respond to a bride that went quiet or let's talk about why you're stuck.


Enrollment closes March 5th.

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P.S. Not sure if this program will give you what you need to change your business?
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