Being patient for success and your Wedding Business

I’m speaking with my business coach on the podcast today! Reina Pomeroy is the life and business success coach behind Reina & Co and she is an absolute joy to learn from. We’re chatting about how wedding pros can be more kind to themselves when it comes to their work and where they are in their business. Reina helps entrepreneurs take action on what’s most important to become experts in their industry and get this, she was once a wedding planner!


1:20 Reina shares her experience as a wedding planner hustling after her social work day job.


2:30 What most wedding professionals and creatives beat themselves up on. Why are we so mean to ourselves?


5:30 Comparison-itus. Shannon shares her story of comparing herself to industry veterans.


6:18 Reina’s tips on not comparing yourself. “It’s a conscious effort. You need to stay in your own lane.”


7:23 Keeping your blinders on to avoid comparison and do the work you need to do.


8:25 Love to opt-in to all the things? Getting hundreds of emails? It’s not valuable at that point. There is no secret sauce.


10:05 When you feel like your life could never compare to what you see on Instagram…


12:04 Why it’s smart to speak to one person instead of looking at what everyone else is doing.


12:34 How Reina practices kindness in her business. It’s called grateful heart and it’s a beautiful brain dump of your worries and gratitude.


14:45 What mantras are helpful to Reina and how focusing on others brings her so much joy.


16:48 Shannon asks, “What was your favorite part about owning a wedding business?”



Bad Ass Wedding Pro Quotes


“Sending an email to that person who inquired about you is not going to get you eaten by a bear.”


“When you compare, you aren’t doing the work you need to do.”


“They’re probably battling the same things you are on another level.”


“Do good work that matters to you and your audience. Speak to one person. That’s the person that matters.”


“We ruminate too much over the things we can’t control or the things we can control and aren’t doing anything about.”


“I thought that I had to be in a 9-5 all my life. Meeting these people who had their own businesses was mind-blowing.”



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