Five Things I Wish I knew when I started a Wedding Business

Today’s guest is Kellie Daab of I Do Collective and today we’re going to chat about the five biggest lessons we learned about running a business. Kellie is a 12 year wedding industry veteran! You’re going to love hearing from her. With our combined experiences from the wedding world and working with wedding business owners, you’ll get tips that you can implement in your business today. Avoid disasters and stay on top of your business with these been there done that lessons.

3:55 How important organizing and prep work is to putting together an awesome wedding. I share the story of how I learned this critical lesson.


5:42 Do not become an island. Kellie shares how she became a more effective planner with systems.


8:05 Find out why being a micro-manager of your wedding business will drive your crazy and what you can do about it. “You don’t expect that your server is going to cook your food.”


11: 04 Operating in your zone of genius as a wedding professional. What it means and how to do it. Anything that you have to touch can be automated.


13:14 You can’t afford not to outsource. Not having help might be hurting you more than you think.


15:15 Contracts. The one clause I forgot that could’ve cost me thousands. Kellie advises that contracts should constantly be revised.


22:14 Using the power of your network. Your network of vendors is more valuable than you think.


27:37 How to always have a huge network of people who love your services and are willing to talk to other people about you. Kindness at its finest.


32:35 Building relationships with vendors - do you judge them based on how they treat their staff? Or their personalities? Find out Kellie’s say.  


37:00 Most important lesson: take care of yourself. How to prepare to care for yourself before and after the wedding. “You don’t have to do all this grunt work.”


42:15 What to plan for the day after the wedding. Hint: it’s time to finally sit down.


44:09 Kellie’s favorite part of owning a wedding business? She’s all about the relationships!

Bad Ass Wedding Pro Quotes


“Your business cannot move forward if you aren’t marketing.”


“It’s even more important that the contract is on your side.”


“Your vendors are more important to please than your bride.”


“If you show up and you are a hot mess, I’m not going to use you again.”


“Don’t pretend you can do a wedding in heels.”


“Spouses are the backbone of the wedding industry.”



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