How to be Authentic in Your Wedding Business

Overwhelmed by the wedding industry’s demands for perfection? I’m joined by Sonja of Sonja K Photography to talk about this very real challenge. We’re chatting about how wedding professionals can be more more authentic and put more of themselves into their work.

1:40 The deets on Sonja’s business, working with her husband, and quitting the day job.


3:30 Shannon asks, How do you balance perfection and authenticity?


4:55 Being a photographer and hanging out with the bride all. day. long. The pressure and what to do about it!


7:18 How can I act like myself in my business every day or at a wedding?


8:10 Getting the “Meh” response when not acting authentic in business.


9:45 What makes us think we can’t be ourselves in our own business?


10:38 Hiding behind something that’s pretty or bland without putting yourself out there. Newsflash: some people still won’t like you.


11:40 Why Sonja says, “Bring it on!” to authenticity and facing judgement fears.


12:25 How to never deal with a bridezilla. Sonja has no nightmare stories!


13:03 Sonja’s favorite part of her wedding business: combining her passion with her business.


Bad Ass Wedding Pro Quotes


“Everyone in the industry is obsessed with that dirty p word, perfection.”


“Businesses are built on connections. Bringing an honesty to my work, my photography, it has really helped.
There’s no point in hiding anything.”


“We’re friends with everyone who we’ve shot their wedding. We send them cards. We keep in touch.”


“I was afraid that people were going to find out the real me and not like it. Now I’m like, “Bring it on!”



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