How to manage Money and your Wedding Business

I’m so happy to introduce you to Miguel Garcia of Miguel Garcia Studios. He’s sharing how he mastered money in his wedding business, and this is definitely something you’ll want to get down! We talk about what prompted Miguel to get his finances in order, what changes have had the biggest impact on his business, and his best tips for wedding professionals mastering their money.


1:42 How Miguel started his wedding business and went from photography to strictly video.


4:32 What happened when the money really started to come in. Reality checks and engagements.


6:50 The steps Miguel took to get in charge of his money thanks to his banker wife!


8:35 Using a business checking and savings account the way you’re supposed to use them.


9:02 The financial changes that make the biggest difference to Miguel’s business.


11:50 TV Shows and Podcasts that teach a lot of helpful lessons about money.


13:16 What we can do as creatives to get our finances together.


14:52 Miguel’s favorite part about owning his wedding business? Getting dressed up!


16:49 Shannon asks, “Do you get a meal as part of your package?”


19:10 The tool that Miguel suggests for new wedding professionals.



Bad Ass Wedding Pro Quotes

“Go over your income and expenses. That’s actually something you’re supposed to be doing.”

“Being able to track your money and where it went, that is eye-opening to me.”

“Like we schedule posts on social media, we need to schedule a time for budgeting.”

“As much stress comes with working a wedding, the outcome is so rewarding.”



Miguel on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (@MiguelGarcia626)

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