How to feel successful even with a 9-5 and your wedding business

Jasmine Cianflone of This Moment Events is joining us to discuss being a mom, owning a wedding business, working a part-time job, and hustling with another side business. What a handful! Jasmine shares her experiences juggling it all, struggling with mom guilt, and writing her own definition of success.


1:10 All about Jasmine. Between This Moment Events boutique wedding planning, being a mom of three, and coaching wedding planner moms on redefining ‘having it all’.


3:28 Shannon asks, “How do you do everything?” Jasmine answers with her go-to method to accomplish all her tasks.


6:28 Starting a part-time job AFTER working her wedding business for 2 years full-time.


9:40 Why it’s ok to work a job outside of your wedding business.


10:52 Shannon asks, “Will you continue working your part-time job and 2 businesses?”


12:14 The mental block that was holding Jasmine back as a mom and entrepreneur.


13:50 Social media comparison and when you ask yourself, “What could I be doing to make my life like theirs?” Jasmine believes your life is what you make it.


14:24 Struggling with mom guilt and what’s helped Jasmine feel better.


17:45 Preparing for kids. How Jasmine went through with a wedding 2 days after her daughter’s early birth.


22:05 What to do to prepare your business if you get pregnant unexpectedly.


23:55 Hiring a team to get things done. You need support if you’re a business owner and parent.


24:45 Jasmine’s favorite part of owning a wedding business. She’s all about her kids.



Bad Ass Wedding Pro Quotes


“I don’t spend a lot of time jumping from task to task, it’s focusing on what needs to be focused on.”


“If I didn’t have them in daycare, I would go crazy. Making the investment in daycare part-time was a game-changer.”


“I do it all by not doing it all at once. If you’re juggling too many balls, something is going to drop.”


“Sometimes you need extra money and that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with that.”


“It’s ok to work outside of your business if you need to do that to meet your lifestyle goals.”



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