Being an Introvert and Your Wedding Business


Katlyn Reilly of Katlyn Reilly Photography is joining us today to talk about being introverted and owning a wedding business. While working at weddings with hundreds of people seems like a very un-introverted thing to do, Katlyn discusses how she thrives as an introvert in the wedding industry and the tools that help her do that.



0:36 How Katlyn got started in photography and her goals as a wedding photographer.


2:30 What it means being an introvert and how society is geared against shyness.


3:48 Shannon’s experience working with introverts and the draw of introverted people.


4:48 What made Katlyn get into weddings, despite her preference for alone time.


5:32 How Katlyn started out as an “Uncle Bob” and developed her extrovert cape.


8:00 Is photography an extroverted career or more introverted?


11:00 For introverts soon to enter the wedding industry, Katlyn shares her advice. Bonus! This applies to extroverts too.


13:31 Katlyn’s favorite part of the wedding business: being able to give the bride and groom something tangible.


Bad Ass Wedding Pro Quotes


“I was like a sponge, soaking in their photography and their extroversion.”


“Extroverts and introverts have different strengths and different things they enjoy at a wedding.”


“Nobody cares about you, and that’s awesome. You get to dart around and take pictures and they don’t pay attention to you.”


“If you have the passion for it, you can get through your introversion.”




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