Today I’m chatting with Renee of Moxie Bright Events about the power of language in the wedding business. Starting out as a wedding blogger, Renee’s work was all about words. With her years in the industry, Renee has realized how we’re often all saying the same thing. She tells us how to break out of what everyone else is doing and use language to our advantage.



2:05 What the power of language actually means in the wedding business.


3:35 Why are you in the wedding business? The power in our business comes from why.


8:30 Having directness being seen as harshness and using compliment sandwiches to deliver bad news.


10:47 Calling yourself just a wedding planner and why you need to stop.


12:22 Cutting sorry from casual conversation: why we do it and why we shouldn’t.


16:16 If you’re not thinking about your language, it’s probably hurting your confidence.


18:20 You have to declare things. Stop questioning the things you say.


22:30 Renee’s favorite part about the wedding business and how it’s different from her other business.


24:28 The different growing pains you experience in your business and what Renee did about it.



Bad Ass Wedding Pro Quotes


“We’re all saying the same thing. That can’t be it. That isn’t where the conversation ends.”


“It can’t just be that you love weddings. That doesn’t separate you from anyone in the market.”


“The thing that connects us is our imperfections.”





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