Changing the Wedding Professional Industry

through support, empowerment, and education

The Good News:

You've started a wedding business, a blog, or a creative business that you're super passionate about.

The Bad News:

  • You're not getting the amount of bookings you want

  • You get a lot of inquiries but can't book them

  • The focus in your business is all over the place

  • You don't have a strategy for how to get more clients

 This is what we can do together: find your focus, create a marketing strategy, and book 90% of your inquiries.


I know what you're thinking: 

"Shannon advertising and marketing costs dolla dolla bills yo"

What if I show you how to create a strategy using FREE platforms like your blog and social media?

It's totally possible with a marketing strategy.

From 1 session with Shannon I got an inquiry, booked a wedding, and got published on a local bog. Thank you
— Abby/ Photographer/ ab photography
Shannon has been the “secret weapon” to making massive progressive in my business
— Christine/ Calligrapher/ Carousel Atelier