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Build a

Bad Ass






The Good News:

You've started a wedding business, a blog, or a creative business that you're super passionate about.

The Bad News:

  • You hate feeling pushy or salesy

  • You just moved to a new city and have to start all over with clients

  • Your market is over saturated

  • You feel like your business isn't cohesive or  you don't feel authentic on social media

 What if within 1 month you could book 3 high end wedding clients, break $5k in your business, and feel confident about the direction you're going in.

What would that mean for you?

For your family?

For your life?



It's totally possible for you.

Let talk about how.

Last wedding season I made $13,000 in weddings, this year I have $53,000 booked and it’s only January!
— LaJoy // Photographer
Shannon has been the “secret weapon” to making massive progressive in my business
— Christine/ Calligrapher/ Carousel Atelier

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