I was where you are in my flower business, until my focus shifted and I realized what I needed was available to me. 

As a result, in 2 wedding seasons I was able to make $53,000 (and that was just the beginning).

I then began investing in myself and my business. 
My income skyrocketed. 
I knew I was doing something right, and I knew in my heart I had to share it with others.

My wedding business was pretty, but I just felt empty creating pretty things. I have a counselling background, so I knew what I needed to do.

I want to create lasting change, show women their potential, show them that they are capable of so much more than they give themselves credit for.

I want to have an impact on the world.

I use to have assistants and interns that were always downplaying themselves, saying they can't start a business, or they're designs weren't good enough. 
I have an assistant I keep in touch with who still hasn't started her flower business and she's spent like $10K in flower workshops. 
That stuff drives me nuts!

So I’ve made it my mission to help struggling business owners realize their potential, and grow their businesses.

Hello beautiful fuckin wall flower!
I’m Shannon DePalma.