I'm a money mindset coach for female entrepreneurs who want it ALL.

The business, the body, the family, and oh yeah of course, the money. 

I believe it's all possible when we work on our mindset, our money stories, and start taking massive action that we can have IT ALL.

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Hey! I’m Shannon DePalma, I'm one of the best business coaches out there, and I'm here to help you PLAY BIG.

This coaching business isn't my first rodeo.

My first business was a wedding floral design business where within 2 years I booked high level ($10K) clients.

Even when I had this amazing, growing business, I knew it wasn't meant for me. I knew it wasn't how I wanted to get to my first 6 figures, so I sold IT.

Yes I sold a website for 15x my investment within 2 years.


Now I coach women on how to book high level clients in the laziest way possible, yes laziest and most aligned way possible.

I believe internal shift are all you need to get what you want.

I believe you deserve much more money for your services.

I believe we can make it a lot simpler for money to come to us.