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[ Let's talk about pain, a topic avoided in the online entrepreneur world, but deeply felt by all of us... ]

You have so much potential right now sitting within you.

I know you're scared to acknowledge the power within you.

I know you're scared to acknowledge that you could be ME.

That you could be making the amount of money I am or running the type of business I am.

I know you're scared to see the stuff you've been running from, like raising your prices, or getting real about how you need to show up online.

I know you're scared to invest in yourself because it's really fucking scary and you've done it so much already.

I know you want to run away from pain. You want to run away of how powerful you can actually be.

Because you're listening to all the "what if's" right now in your life.

What if you invest in yourself and don't make the money back? What if you invest in yourself and you get in more debt?

What if this doesn't work? What if you can't do this?

What if you can't book a client at a higher price?

What if this is another thing you do and nothing changes?

Here's how I process pain + fear now: I feel it deeply, I acknowledge it, and say I see this fear, I feel the pain if nothing works out, and you know what I'll keep doing?

I keep GOING.

I take the steps I need to keep growing, keep improving, and I embrace the pain and say if I fuck it up, you know what?

I'm going to be a-fucking okay.

Just like you are going to be a-fucking-okay if you invest in yourself.


Don't run from the PAIN, face the PAIN, invest in yourself, get better and keep growing.

I can promise you, the pain becomes worse, the MORE you avoid the scary stuff.

Click below to work with me. I know you're ready.

Face the pain + grow.

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I know you are dying to be seen as a leader in your industry.
You want people to reach out to you to work with you, to respect your time and definitely not message you with "I'd love to get your feedback on this thing.." (yes that thing you would charge money to do and they want it for free), and you want to be tagged in posts where people are looking for influencers or people to hire.


You share testimonials, wins, look at what my clients did, here's what I did, isn't this amazing?
While you think.."do you see me as a leader yet?"
Will this thing prove to you that I know what I'm doing and I'm great at what I do.

But the pattern you play out with this stuff ^ is the exact same pattern you're playing out with your mom or dad. 
You want them to respect you, to see you as a business owner, to see that you're doing great things, and might even be making $5K-$10K a month but it still doesn't seem like they get it yet or respect what you're doing.
They might make comments about how "cute your little online business is" or that you should just give up this business thing and focus more on your kids or family.
Every time they say those statements you boil up a little inside. 
You feel the frustration almost come blowing out through your ears and the cycle of proving to everyone begins again.

The way you're not showing up confidently, worthy, and like a fuck yeah woman who gets what she wants, is the same way you show up with your parents.
You get treated that way.

You get treated that way with clients, potential clients, strangers on the internet, your parents, friends, possibly your spouse, and most definitely... with money.

Until you fix that pattern, you will continue to be treated that way, and you will chase, chase, chase money, until you're burnt out and exhausted or until you have a lot of money but you're fucking miserable.

How do you do that? ^ 
Work with me of course ;)

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We're all just freaks and outcasts in this online entrepreneur world....

You may not have felt accepted in a traditional corporate job.
You may have felt like you are too much in your family.
You may have felt like you're weird, different, or an outcast from "normal" people.
You may have felt like you should be happy with the regular stuff, a 9-5, the regular life, but it's not enough for you.

That's why we have this little part of the internet where we all gather and push each other to be more of ourselves.
To not hide or dim our light.
But to let our freak flag fly high.

I've always been known as a firecracker, a nickname coined by my husband.
I don't sugar coat things. I'm incredibly direct and honest.
This gift that in the corporate world was obviously my biggest downfall, now in this world, is my greatest blessing.

With my coaching, it allows me to go deep with clients quickly and get results fast.
I don't dance.
I won't try to tell you it's okay or yeah it's hard.
I'm incredibly direct and honest about what's going on with you.

But more than anything, as your coach, I want you to be 110% yourself. 
It is safe to be yourself in this world.
WE only want to watch and be lead by people who are being authentic.
If you want fast traction in your business, don't hold back, be you.

Girl, today, let your freak flag fly.

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You KEEP choosing to eat Wendy's because you think you're not good enough to eat steak.
I know WTF is she talking about.. follow me on this because it will change your life, even if you're a vegan.

👉Choosing to allow the "Wendy's relationships" in your life to get all of your time, instead of holding out for the amazing relationships. These relationships might make you feel good for a short time or in short bursts, but long amounts of time in them leave you feeling frustrated, hurt, or misunderstood.

👉Choosing to accept "Wendy's clients" in exchange for money when you really could have amazing clients that pay you your higher rate, respect your time, and trust YOU. Yes the "steak clients" exist, they pay you your "omg rates" and RESPECT YOU.

👉Choosing to keep working with the "Wendy's coach" the coach that doesn't get you, that's not listening to you, who you now feel like wasn't a good fit for you. But you can continue to work with them because you paid for it!

While you can eat Steak (or whatever vegan substitute is out there) you choose to keep eating Wendy's.

It is a choice to treat yourself like shit.
To accept anything less than what you should be deserving.
To accept anything less than the BEST income.
The best relationships EVERYWHERE with EVERYONE (yes even with you're parents).

Because you feel not good enough, yeah maybe you're making $5K-$10K a month but it still doesn't feel good enough AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHY.

That's because you are choosing to surround yourself with people and things that makes you feel not good enough.

Ready to stop eating Wendy's and get the life + biz that makes you feel good enough? Apply below.



I go through times in my business when I start to feel jealous, fearful, frustrated, annoyed. (shocker right!?)

I notice that those feelings always revolve around putting blame, energy, and my emotions on something outside of myself.

When I sit with those feelings for too long, when I start to put power outside of myself, and on to either other people or situations that make me feel that way, I notice something else starts to happen....

My bank account starts to dwindle.
The weird thing is I'm still taking action in my business even through these times- still showing up, emailing my list, going live. BUT nothing is converting, nothing is clicking, nothing is super engaging.

It's the weirdest thing but it makes so much sense.
I've taken my energy and I've put it on things outside of ME. So instead of using my energy to make me feel powerful, I've now depleted my energy by spending time on things outside of me...

Feeling jealous of someone else's success? Energy drain.
Feeling frustrated by tech snafu's? Energy drain.
Feeling annoyed by someone talking about something you totally disagree with? Energy drain.
Coaching someone who is not an ideal client? Energy drain.

You guys know how much I talk about money mindset but I want you to know that money mindset at it's root is about self empowerment.

It's about taking control of your money, your life, and your energy.

YOU are your source of power, always. 🔥🔥👑



Recently I went on a full detox from any universe talk, horoscopes, picking cards, reading my horoscope, or notes from the universe....

I found that part of me was giving my power to the universe.
I was giving my power to outside things.
I was hoping if my horoscope said something good today, it meant I was going to succeed!
I was hoping that if I gave something over to the universe, it would make it happen for me.

AND it was scary AF, to think I was only going to ONLY rely on myself to give the green light.

What I did instead was take that power from the universe and put it in my hands.
This doesn't mean that you have to give up whoever you look to. 
No you can still have that.

But instead of asking for the universe to show you that you're enough, that you're good enough to get the high end client, that you're good enough to start making more money, or that you're good enough to start being an expert now.

What if YOU were the one to tell you... hey you're good enough right now.. like TODAY. 
Like TODAY you can book a $5K pay in full client.
Like TODAY you are an expert and a leader in your industry.

No more waiting for the sign.
No more waiting for the green light.
No more waiting to pull the right card.
No more waiting for the right note to come from the universe


PS: I started this experiment February 6th, and by February 28th, I had my biggest month yet <3

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How I sold (2) $6K packages when I stopped selling low end courses or random programs...

I went through this "phrase" over the summer when I didn't want to sell my 1:1 package anymore.
I thought it was because I wanted to sell low end, I wanted to cash in on that passive income, and impact or help more people!

YEAH. That's what I wanted to do.
So I created lots of low end programs.
Everything from $197 courses, to $7 e-books, to $49 Facebook lives.

I strayed away from my coaching program. I "promoted" as much as I thought I could.. but I also knew that "no one could pay this" or "no one will pay more than $2500 for this."

I was CONVINCED, convinced that people don't buy high end. (shows where I was at huh 😉 )
Plus I didn't want to do coaching anyways.
I wanted to make money EASILY.
I wanted to make money PASSIVELY.
That's what I wanted and I DIDN'T WANT to coach people anymore.

So when I started releasing the low end programs.. and those didn't sell.. well fuck then?
Was no one buying anything now?! Now even my $197 is too much.. well add a 3 month payment plan to the $197 course.


What changed? How did I go from only selling a couple low end programs (talking about LOW cash for the month) to selling (2) $6K coaching packages within 2 weeks of each other, not including all the coaching packages I sold every month before that at $3K.

My money mindset.
The way I perceived wealth.
I got REALLY clear about my ideal client + where she was.
I focused only on the woman I REALLY wanted to work with and stopped marketing to the one's I didn't
The way I valued my worthiness.
I didn't add 500 people to my email list or new people to my Facebook group.
I just became a different version of myself and people responded.



That's right.

Here's why you're not getting high end clients:

It's a lot fucking easier than we've been making out to be.
You can start attracting them as soon as you realize how worthy you are.
Once you begin to see why you're the best that's ever been, that's when you start conveying that through your social media.
Doing the things that scare the shit out of you (like investing in that coach, buying that fancy hand bag, or spending more than $50 on a dress).
Most of us want it to be hard. We want it to feel like it's a lot of work because that's the only way we can feel good about taking money. 
The old "you have to work really hard to make a lot of money" mentality.
Making a lot of money EASILY.. it's incredibly uncomfortable, that's why most of us avoid it.

Here's why I am:

I've invested in myself back to back, even when it scares the shit out of me. I used to take breaks in investing in myself or I used to punish myself for not making as much money back or sometimes making no money back. 
I used to say you can't do that anymore! I stopped listening to that voice.
I untangled, tore down, and ripped apart my money story.
I shifted, shifted, and kept shifting my feelings + thoughts around self esteem and confidence.
I owned all my greatness + glory + badassery around why I'm the best of the best.
I even pushed myself to places that I never dared to go because "that's so conceited of me!"
I surrounded myself with incredible, high level women, making money moves ALL DAY.
I set the standard and expectation for money, I took it off the pedestal.

This is why I am the best coach out there.

This is why I make women a shit ton of money.

Because it's not just about oh.. "hey do x,y,z and you'll make your first 6 figure year!" It's not about that.

It's about what do I have to tear down + what do I have to rebuild to get to where I want to be?

That's the magic that happens when you work with me.

You want transformation right? 
You'll get it.

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Okay I didn't really tell my mom to fuck off but it was as close as to fuck off as I could get at that time.

The first time I stood up to her.

If you are a super ambitious, motivated woman you too may have a complicated relationship with your mother. (don't believe me? Watch the movie LadyBird)

She might not know how to communicate with you or be frustrated by these big large goals you have.

She may not understand why you seek the life you do and she may sometimes say small criticisms about your life like

"You can't be a good mom and a business owner"
"Why do you need to be rich?"
"Don't you guys have enough money?"
"You're spending too much money on your business"
Now my mom has always motivated me and supported me but it was when I started fully acting in my power and stepping up into the person I want to be (like the girl who goes into the Coach store) that my mom started to get uncomfortable.

We've always had a little bit of a complicated relationship....

Now you can finish reading the story down below or watch the video here:

Here's how it went down:

I was shopping with my mom and sister around Christmas time. I wanted to go into the Coach store, (not even the real store, it was the outlet), and my mom started.

She at first started before saying that she wasn't going to go into the "fancy stores" with me, that her and my sister were going to leave after they went into "their stores."

I called her out for that (wooo that one was hard) I said it was rude and it was hurtful. So she decided to stay.

Then as we were approaching my turn to go into the "fancy stores", my mom started saying things like:

"Where did my old Shannon go?"
"Remember when we used to make fun of people who bought those hands bags? "
"How silly it is for them to spend that money on a hand bag?"
"When did you become different?"

So that was it, I wasn't going to allow "my mom to have her opinion" about my life.

Fuck that.

So it came down to me telling my mom, you get on board with the vision for my life or you get the fuck off the train.

Because this train has a destination and if you're not on board with my vision for my life, GET OFF.

Because let's face it, we battle enough with ourselves day in and day out, and if we allow just a couple little voices here and there to creep in on our thoughts, it can throw off our business for DAYS, WEEKS, OR MONTHS.

You know what happened?

Well no I didn't get a coach bag, aghh just didn't find the one that spoke to me.

But my mom and I cooled on talking, we talked for the first time last week.

We talked about how our relationship is changing and for the first time in my life, I had a real, honest, productive conversation with my mom.

A conversation about how we as women need to tell people how they can talk to us...

and my mom said that what I'm doing, even what I did at the Coach store..


Take away lesson from this story that will increase your monthly income:

1) Setting boundaries with your power.

Get all your loved ones on board with your vision. IF they're not , it is okay for that relationship / friendship to CHANGE, I guarantee that relationship will either become better or it wasn't helping you in the first place.

2) You need to start standing up for what you want and declaring it in ALL your relationships

Like telling the waiter no I didn't order a regular coke, I ordered a diet coke.
Telling your husband no I want the Chinese food! I do care, haha.
Telling your family members, this is the goal I am going after, get on board or get off

3) Once you started implementing these in your life, you will start magnetizing paying clients with just a couple Facebook posts, No doing 3904823 things just to get clients who say "I can't afford it"


You won’t hit $13K months if you keep doing courses or free shit...

For the love of god, stop spending money on courses, and please stop wasting your time on free shit. You are WORTH so much more than that.

Because here’s what eventually will happen...

You’ll eventually spend the same amount of money you would have spent on a coach (because those courses and long term payment plans will add up) and then you’ll spend money on a coach (on TOP of the money you spent on courses) because you’re still at the same fucking place when you started the courses, because you DIDN’T DO JACK SHIT WITH THE COURSES.

The courses were great, they were full of awesome information but it didn’t help you because you needed a person 1:1.

Maybe you also hired a coach before but didn't see the results you wanted to, and guess what that's okay too!

But by denying yourself the help you truly need you deny yourself transformation.

What you know you need: A person to call you out on your money bull shit, on all the mindset issues of why you’re not a fraud, of why you are a fuck yeah amazing coach.

Oh the time you spent on free stuff… the time! I used to look at time, like I mean hey it’s free right?

But now…. I realize that time is something I can never get back.

You can always lose money, make more money, but time is something we never get back.

To all you coaches, ready to start hitting those big month's, PUT DOWN THE COURSE and hire me as your coach because we all know Money Mindset is the TRUUEEEEE key to success 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



[ I worry I'm not enough to charge what I want...]

Have you felt this?
Worried about this?
Said this?
What if there was NOTHING to fix to make more money in your business?
What if you didn't need that Instagram / Pinterest / webinar / or Facebook course?
What if you didn't need to do anything more or know more?
You just need to emphasize your strengths?

You just need to play up more of your the things you're already amazing at?
You don't need to learn more or do more, you just need to be BE MORE of who you already are.
But you're not owning it because you fear that there's something missing.
You're missing something or you're not doing it RIGHT.
You're not showing up right, or putting your offer out right, or you're not marketing right.

But if you could see how you are so much ENOUGH right now.
That you won't fuck it up.
That you won't do it wrong.
Because YOU, you are already ENOUGH.

You are already enough to book 5 clients this month, you are already enough to hit the 6 figure year, or you are already enough to have the dream body, relationships, and work you desire.
And once you GET THAT, everything changes.
This is how I work as a coach now, to see your strengths, to see your incredible potential, and I hold that space for you, to step up and meet it.
I see it, say this is where you are going, don't deny it, we are fucking doing this, meet me here.

And of course.. you'll resist me, cry, scream, and fight me every inch of the way saying "But Shannon about what this fancy new marketing strategy!?" and I'll say..... let's stay the fucking course.

And then.. before you know it....

We're surpassing your monthly money goals in 11 days.
Raising your prices and booking clients at that $5K price.
Hitting and surpassing your first 6 figure year.
Launching that program you've really been dying to do and booking a client in 3 weeks.
See yourself as playing with the big league people you put on a pedestal for so long.

You are enough.


Why I'm not a nice girl anymore..

I will say things you won't want to hear.

I won't tell you it's going to be okay if you don't step up in your business.

I won't say "it's okay!" if you don't want to put yourself out there.

I won't say "it's fine!" if you want to put off going after that thing you REALLY want to do.

I don't get upset anymore if people don't like what I have to say.

It doesn't bother me anymore when women talk about how much money they made.

I don't get upset when people bad mouth coaches.

I'm not a nice girl anymore.


Because being a leader means doing ^ these things.

It means people won't like you, or what you have to say, or that you share money numbers.

Being a leader also means saying things that are HARD to hear.

Being a leader also means seeing when you're playing small and calling you out on it.

Being a leader pushes you to grow.

If I want to be a leader, make a shit ton of money, and inspire a fuck load of women, I can't be a nice girl.

Neither should you.

Are you ready to embrace the Boss Bitch you are? Are you ready to earn like a boss bitch? Grab a copy of my Boss Bitch Money Journal NOW.



Okay guys here's a funny story.

This story still astonishes me to this day but at the same time, it makes complete sense.

If you've been following me for the past month and the past year! I really truly believe that mindset and doing the inner work is how you get to those big money months.

Making that $15,000 was the easiest and simplest thing I've ever done.

There's been other times when I hustled and struggled to a $5K month but I always remind myself: HEY you don't need to do that because remember that one time you made $15,000 super easy?

Okay so here's how it happened guys:

I had my wedding business but to make it clear: I did not have a shop, I did not have a van, I hardly had inventory, (I had 4 mason jars, flower scissors, and an arbor), so when the sale was done, they walked away with a website and a couple mason jars.

So before all that happened I had these sticky notes everywhere, I had challenged myself to make $10,000 in 1 month. Before this I had booked a $10K client and was like oh that's fun!

Let's see if I can do that again but with EVEN less work.

The $10,000 client was a wedding client with a big vision, so that meant a lot of work (hire more people, lots of planning, and lots of labor) and I was like yeah that's cool but $10,000 with the least amount of work!?

Umm yes please.

So I had these $10K sticky notes everywhere. They were on my laptop, on my mirror, on the fridge, just everywhere.

It's coming to the end of the month and I'm like how the fuck am I going to make this $10,000!? I had made $2,000 and I had 2 weeks left in the month.

It really seemed impossible right.

So that's going through my head, I see the $10K sticky note and I think well.. how can I make $10,000 in 2 weeks?!

And like a flash of inspiration, I have the thought: "SELL YOUR WEDDING BUSINESS"

I had nothing to lose!? Why not see what happens!?

I put up a craigslist post... in the for sale section for businesses.. and with a price of $10,000.

I get a call like hours, HOURS later, with 2 women extremely interested.

WE set up a date to meet, they give me a deposit, and we start the paper work.

2 weeks later, I had a check for $10,000, and there was an additional $5K negotiated to be distributed at later dates.

There are SO many ways to hit your goals, but the momentum that comes with hitting big money months and having it be EASY is where I find the REAL work comes in.

It's like we almost force it to be hard because that's all we ever known.

That work and making money has to be hard. That if someone is going to pay us a lot of money, ohhh we better over deliver, and we better name our first born after them!

But when we clear out all the bullshit money stories and allow urselves to receive money because we are so worthy and valuable, that is the most beautiful thing we can do.

Ready to make money easy for you too?

Get instant access to the Unfuck Your Money Mindset Work Book and make it easy!



I see the sweat dripping off my face and hit my sneaker, my heart is pounding out of my chest, and I definitely am feeling like some nauseous happening in my stomach....

She says “Alright girl you got 5 more, you can do this, come on, just get through it”

And all I can think is “there’s no fucking way I can do 5 more, there’s no way! My body is just going to collapse like a fucking noodle here".
But I don’t say anything out loud because I know she won’t let me leave this gym until they are done, and I still have another 20 minutes left in the session.

So I get up I do 1 more squat, and I convince myself somehow that I’ll make it, I don’t really have a choice, I continue to do 1 more, than 1 more, then 1 more, until the last one and then I get there.

I should be celebrating, happy right? Look at what I did!!
But after doing that I feel like WTF, have I been capable ALL along?
And I was holding myself back? By far this has always been one of my deepest fears.

>> Never fully reaching my potential only because I was the one holding myself back. <<

But I was afraid. Afraid of pushing beyond fear, afraid of trusting my body, afraid of actually having to push beyond fear and NOT run from it.

Just like you.
You are afraid.
Afraid of investing yourself.
Afraid of starting a business you REALLY want to start.
Afraid of charging the prices you really want to charge.

Because you don't trust.
Because you feel one ounce of fear and RUN.
Because you think you're not worthy of charging what you want, doing what you want with your life, or going beyond what you think is possible for you.

So if you haven't gone beyond $2K - $3K a month or if you haven't been able to hit $5K months consistently.. you should join us.

The program that is creating the leaders of the online entrepreneur world and hitting their first $10K month.. making $5K months look like cake, but more than that. We will be running towards FEAR, allowing yourself TRUST, and chilling the fuck out about money, and by doing that <<

We'll allow money to flow.
We'll allow ourselves to push beyond limits that we set on ourselves..
We'll allow ourselves to feel worthy of money.

Your $10K month starts here, are you joining us?

Access my content library for some pretty awesome bonuses.



Okay guys so for 2 weeks I said I was only going to do what felt good. I wasn't going to force or push anything, just do whatever felt good and see how it affected my business.

Here's a small recap of what that looked like:
Over the holiday break I finally did the things I really wanted to do...

> Like have a lot of fun wrapping presents.
I made some cute flower arrangement gifts. I've always wanted to take my time wrapping presents ( I know totally weird but it's true I actually do enjoy it )

> Played a video game that really gave me a lot of inspiration, no joke, hahaha. AND I AM NOT A GAMER. Like I've never been into video games. But guys, this video game was like a business simulation, except I was a farmer, but you can create multiple streams of income, increase efficiency, etc. So every time I would play this game after it I was like I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! (see game image below)

> Getting more engagement, friend requests, and adding 50 people to my email list from just a couple Facebook posts.

I would write Facebook posts after doing something fun ( see above, haha) and people were responding. Some would join if I posted an opt in to the bottom of a post or some people responded just by heading to my business Facebook page where I have an opt in at the top of the page.

> STEP away to receive. Some times I sit at my computer trying to force something or write the "perfect" post and that shit works a little bit, then it doesn't! I found stepping away, finding the inspiration, not forcing it, and it would come.

> Trusting that if I stepped away, I would receive. It was really hard to LET GO. I would sometimes wake up and be like FUCK I don't have a social media post scheduled for today or I don't have an email going out to my list. Then I would remind myself to just TRUST, trust that just because you have something scheduled, if it's half assed, it's not going to make AS BIG of an impact if it's coming out of fear, not out of intuition or alignment.

Recap: Does it mean you'll start getting engagement and people to your list if you play that video game and make flower arrangements?

That's not the message. The message is.. that's what worked for me. Find what works for you. What inspires you. What's fun.

STEP the fuck away. Don't force it, don't try to write the "perfect" post, don't try to write with a goal of "hopefully someone buys from this post!!" Write from what you truly want to say, what you want people to know, what you truly believe in.



[ I’ve made money every day just by chilling the fuck out about money]

Guys for so long I stressed, doubted, worried and was scared of money.

Will I hit my goal? Will I make it?
Will my debt be here forever?
Why didn’t anybody buy that program?
What will my followers buy!?

Then one day I realized that stressing, worry, and fearing if I will hit my money goals was like the lamest thing I can do with my time.

I also realized that none of the above stuff was anywhere close to getting me to my goals and neither was doing 3 Facebook live's a day, one time I did that too, and I made below $500. Yes, sad.

So…. I did the only thing left to do.
I gave up. I said fuck it.
I’m just going to do what I want to do and not stress about money.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t check my bank account every day.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t track my money.

No, I still cared about money, I just stopped { fearing, worrying, doubting about it. }
So what did I do instead?

I wrote what I wanted to.
I said what I wanted to.
I created a program I wanted to.
I went and got my hair blown out.
I bought myself flowers.
[ Because I was in such a I don’t give a fuck about you money mood, I got some balls ] and I pitched something every day.
I read, watched movies, went for walks.

Every day I would check my email, another sale, another person signing up for a trip wire product, someone signing up for a program, payments for my membership programs.

If you want to work on your feelings toward money, and get more clients because of it, grab a copy of The Boss Bitch Money Journal below!


I know you want to teach, lead, and coach. Own it ALREADY.

I ask her "What's your vision for your future?"

"How would you LOVE to make money? If there were no limits, if you didn't HAVE to make money that ONE way."

The one way she's always been making money, working for clients or working for someone else.

She tells me,"Well I've always liked the idea of being able to work from home like you, teaching women, that would be so much fun but I'll still do my old services, just maybe half and half. I'll do my old services and mentor / teach / coach the other times."

nd I ask her again. "This is a total dream scenario. No limits. How would you love to make money?"

hen she says it.

She says what I hear women say all the time lately...

"I would love to make money just for being myself.

Just sharing things that I think are important.

Teaching, inspiring, leading.

Doing it from the comforts of my home. No more weekends or weeknights given up.

No rushing to reply to emails from clients or having them email / text / call ALL the time.

And of course, making more than the $2,000 -$3,000 I pull in now and work my butt off for.

ouldn't that be incredible?"

And I say, "Well it's possible.

Women on the internet are doing it every day.


She says..

"Oh I don't know.. don't I have to...

(insert time you need to get to the level all those people you place above you are)

or don't I need (insert some dumb ass certification for who knows what)

or what if (I can't deliver results for my clients after becoming a teacher or leader)."

I say, "See what you did there. You put up all the red tape.

On why you can't have that thing you want now.

No one else put that there... but you.

You are powerful. You are already a leader to most. You have within you the power to play with all those people you put on pedestals.

Break down the red tape.. step into the woman you were totally meant to be.

Own it already."

I'm creating all the women that are breaking the red tape, not waiting, not playing, just ALLOWING themselves to be as powerful as they've always been.

To hit their first $10K month just because they ALLOWED themselves to.

Just because they allowed themselves to step into their true calling.

What are you waiting for?

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The 10 Best Money Mindset Books

Money mindset work changed my Life

After months of strategy + courses and putting my hands over my eyes. 
I got a real wake up call that there was only 1 thing left to do….there was only 1 Place I hadn’t looked to make myself successful and that was to look WITHIN.
Stop fucking around with another strategy.
Stop fucking around with another social media platform.
Stop fucking around with my thoughts, my habits, and my beliefs. 
Start looking within.

So I dove in, I started journaling a shit ton, I read about 10 books all on money mindset, how millionaires think, I started tracking every dollar, I started becoming aware of all the little thoughts I had about money, I started coming to terms with my money story, and why I was scared to raise my prices.

I dove in deep, I did that ugly work, of FUCK, I don’t want to face myself or my shitty thoughts. I just want to skip over this work and get to the reward.

👉 Money Mindset work will change your LIFE.

Here's my top 10 money mindset books that have changed my life:

(affiliate links included)

1) Think + Grow Rich


Think + Grow Rich for Women:


2) You are a bad ass at making money

3) Get Rich Lucky Bitch

4) How Rich People Think

5) The $100K Formula

6) F.U. Money

7) Overcoming Under Earning

8) Unleash your inner money babe

9) Money: A love story

10) The Big Leap

The Power of Choice

Everything is a choice.

E V E R Y T H I N G is a choice.

We are products of our choices, we are products of the small choices we make every day of what we'll use to fuel our bodies, we are products of choosing what money we will take in return for our services, we are choice of choosing what messages we want to listen to about the world or about ourselves.

You have the power.

Choice Blog Quote (1).png

The power of choice, to choose how much money you want to make, the power to choose who you want to be, the power to choose what you want to look like, and what you act like.

You have the power every day to decide who you will surround yourself with.

You have the power every day to hear what you want and filter out what you don't.

You have the power every day to listen to negative thoughts and beliefs.                  You have the power to install positive, joyful thoughts and beliefs in to your mind.

You get to choose your future and you get to choose where you will put your time.
You have the choice to put your time and focus into things that will give you a good return OR you can choose to fall victim.

You can choose to fall victim to the belief that success is not made for you.
You can choose the victim role because it's easy, it's just easier, but man is it not fun.

The power of choice, is what propels people into momentum or into a downward spiral.
The power of choice of not seeing how you can do better, be better or become more, that is a choice.

 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Are you on the right path?

       Are you on the right path?

I'm looking for the next leaders in the online business world, the girl who wants to be Rich, Fit, and a Celebrity. She wants the fucking world in the palm of her hand and she will GET IT. 

She wants to learn how she can take better care of her body + not only how to uncover all the shitty beliefs holding her back but also learn how to budget her money + she wants a successful online business, LIKE NOW.

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