3 ways to get out of business debt + not get back in..

The Dirty _D_ Word.png

How I paid off all my business debt in 1 month + why I won't get be getting back into it. A convo on the dirty d word in the entrepreneur world: the shame, the anger, and the fear… I'm talking about it.

If you are going to be an entrepreneur you have to be ready to deal with lots of THIS. Know your money, watch your money, + more than anything being an entrepreneur isn't.. I spend x amount of money.. where’s my ROI?! It is NOT easy, it will take you to shit level of feelings and it will make you feel amazing, but get this right.. it is not EASY. Stop in your head.. trying to make this EASY. You need a level of mental stamina + emotional stability to KEEP going.

This is for someone who is already in debt and your debt is stopping you from moving forward in any PART of your life.

In 2017 I made investments that didn't pay off right away, and honestly they probably could have, but because I was in such fear, or worry or doubt or anger.. I then turned that investment inwards towards myself + a little bit outside myself, anger towards people rising up after me, anger towards the industry.... That lasted for 8 MONTHS GUYS. 8 FREAKING MONTHS.

Once I turned my relationship with money on it's head, I let go of the anger + the shame + the fear and I just went full force towards my dreams, even with my debt. That lead me to paying off my debt in 1 month, paying a business coach in full, not creating anymore debt for myself (I made another $12K in investments), and completely changing my life + out look on money.


Shame, fear, anger: How those emotions kept my debt in the dark because I did not face it.

Your debt can be around business, college, personal, etc. Stop strangling your past self + his/her decisions, take full responsibility for the decisions you have made in the past, and love yourself for making those decisions.

Now when I look back at that woman, I don't get angry with her, she was just seeing the bigger vision, and saying YES. The empowerment came from creating the money, finding the money, that's where I found myself feeling powerful towards the next steps for my life.

(the power relationships your playing with money is KEEPING YOU BROKE)

I got to a point where I said go ahead debt! take me all the way down! I don't give a shit because I'm going to make 6 figures this year << complete confidence in where I was going << (power play with money I'll be talking about later)

You allow money to have complete control + complete power of you, MONEY or that coach or that thing is making you feel shame, anger, or fear but GIRLLLL unless you were completely scammed of your money, the only person making you feel those things are YOU.

Now how you find the money: create the money: that is entirely up to YOU, but do take responsibility for how you find or create the money.

If you put it on a credit card, take responsibility, your coach did not force you to max your credit cards, your coach doesn't have access to your bank account, take responsibility for your decisions + actions.

What you did was not wrong or the worse thing ever.. you saw an opportunity for you to step up and become a higher version of yourself, you took it, and your investment hasn't paid off… YET.

If you get a 2nd job, take responsibility.

If you do freelance work, take responsibility

Moral of the story: take responsibility for every investment you make, it is up to YOU and only YOU to get the most out of your investment Coaches do work, if they didn't this industry wouldn't exist. You do need to invest money into your business if you want to go big, how you create that money is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

If a coach teaches you how to create a 6 figure business, what to sell, how to market, and your business model, it is worth $10K. She just saved you like 3 years of work, and time is something that we all don't have enough of.

SHAME CAN NOT LIVE IN THE LIGHT, if you keep your shame of your debt in the dark, it will continue to LIVE. Write down your number of DEBT RIGHT NOW.

I want you to know that number inside and out.  

Example of people who went into debt:

  • Suze Orman was donated $50,000 to start her own restaurant at age 29.

  • Walt Disney went bankrupt from his first business idea before he started Walt Disney.

PPSSSTTT: Want to start uncovering some of your money blocks and beliefs that are holding you back?

Grab the unfuck your money mindset journal down below.

2) you have a business model that pays off your debt.

I switched my business focus from things that brought me little victories (1 off sessions, intensives, small courses)

and I focused on things that pulled in bigger chunks of money, even if I was terrified to sell them

(looking at my debt + looking at my money forced me to start doing work on my money mindset, my money mindset became a non negotiable)

I teach all of my clients about how to look at their money, know their money, and then what they need to be selling to start creating a solid foundation.

3) I started allocating money as it started coming in, your money needs a direction and purpose!


Budgeting, I like to call it directing my money. << This is where the habit is created that will not let you go into debt ever again!

I started doing this when I was in debt, it forced me to always look at my money, and feel more in control of where my money was going.

If you establish this habit, you will never go into DEBT AGAIN.

It really isn't about the amount of money you're making if you don't know how to spend it + allocate it (look at celebrities) they make huge amounts of money, don't know how to spend it or allocate it and go bankrupt.

Know where your money is going RIGHT NOW, even if you have none coming, even if you only have a little, even if your money is inconsistent.

Get into this habit RIGHT NOW, give your money direction RIGHT NOW, it needs direction or it will be spent aimlessly and you will feel powerless to money.

4) Creating consistent income, not just big chunks of money.

Focus on creating consistent income, not only will this give you a stable budget to work with every month…

but it will also allow you to chill the f out and create programs from your intuition, that SELL OUT.

5) Do I regret any of my business investments?


Did I used to feel anger towards myself for making investments?

YES Did that help me?

NO, it left me POWERLESS.




If you’re ready to start having a better relationship to money in your business, Grab this free 44 page journal to uncover your current money blocks, beliefs, and habits.


Challenge: Day 1

The Laziest $13K month challenge (2).png

I have a vision and I’ve always had this vision, that I would build a business and make a lot of money, impact a lot of women without sacrificing my family, my time, my body, my health, or my sanity.

There were times, I thought it wasn’t possible, that I would have to work ALL the time, that I would have to take on clients I didn’t like just to pay the bills, none of you have to wait to have a $13k month or 6 figure year, every single one of you can have all of these things NOW.

Business is a lot simple but sometimes it can be hard to get that. you might feel like:

  • What do you have to do to make money?!

  • Why is this so hard?!

  • It feels like I'm doing everything or I'm doing what people told me I should do.

  • or you may be transitioning from 1 business to another from 1 niche to another and feeling very confused about where to start now.

Okay so I'm about to blow your mind and make biz simple.

The basics of running an online business:

1) there’s a problem

2) you solve it

(You can watch the video down below or keep reading)

What does that look like?

Let’s talk about how to set your Lazy 6 Figure Foundation

Step 1) Your Business Model

You need to have a high end package. A high end package = cash flow, this is not a charity, not just of service, this is a business that needs cash to survive.

Your lazy 6 figure foundation needs high end because you pay TAXES! (SHOCKER RIGHT?)

I set aside 30% of my profit, every month. So if your making money.. you’re paying money!

In order to scale, grow, you have to put money back into your business, that can be paying your coach, hiring an assistant, hiring a cleaning lady, paying for Facebook ads, hiring a marketing agency, etc. after paying for ALL of that,

You also need to be taken care of as a business owner, if you are exhausted running from call to call or skipping lunch to get that blog post written, not eating, or not taking time for yourself or your family, can you really deliver your best work? Not really.

You also need to pay yourself, well, really well to be there for your clients and get the amazing results.

When you take care of YOU and your business, you will get amazing results, and amazing results = MORE CLIENTS.

*** Since we’re on the topic of profit, what I’m going to say might blow your mind, but here’s what you also need to do to set that foundation…

Tell a different belief or mindset about money

If you want it to grow your business fast, my best advice:

1) Save your money.. learn more about how I track my money + save here (when I was in a position to grow my business I signed up for a Capital One Spark Business Card with 0% APR + 1.5% cash back on anything).

2) invest in a business coach (who has the life + business you want) + Facebook ads (grow your following)

3) don’t be consumed by debt or fear, it does take money to make money

PPSSSTTT: Want to start uncovering some of your money blocks and beliefs that are holding you back?

Grab the unfuck your money mindset journal down below.

Step 2) you have to go deeper than doing this just for you or for your family.

Finding your true, purpose and passion this is the thing you need to know when nobody has watched your videos, applied for your program, or said yes to any of your programs…

This is your WHY, if you know your WHY, the reason why you’re here to show up, share content, and help people.. then you won’t be stopped EVER.

My why: I believe that if women make more money the world will be a better place.

It’s what keeps me going and fully believing in this business.

Simon Sineck has some amazing stuff on finding your why + when companies fail because they haven’t found their why.

Watch this short clip here where he talks about it:


Step 3) Marketing can be simple, but you want to complicate it.  

Funnels webinars cart closing emails, you don't need any of that to sell high end programs.

A lot of time our fear likes to complicate things. It wants to make the idea of achieving a big goal, almost impossible, so we complicate it.

We act like there’s tons of things we have to do before we can make a lot of money or we have to work “really hard” to make a lot of money.

Keep your marketing simple, keep your business simple.

I talk more about this in day 3 of the challenge.


4) you can sell out of your programs hit big months if your money mindset is in the game.

If your mind is not,  even if you hire the best of the best in everything your lack of confidence will leak into EVERYTHING.

Think about it this way: if you are trying to make money in your business, but you avoid money, hate money, have negative feelings toward money, it’s going to be really hard to make money if you don’t have a healthy foundation of money mindset.

This was day 1 of the laziest $13K Month Challenge,

giving you a recap of what will be covered in the entire challenge.

The Laziest $13K month challenge (2).png

Day 2 is where I dive deeper into Crafting your High End Package + Stop Selling Low End Offers

unfuck your money mindset cover tablet.png

If you’re ready to start having a better relationship to money in your business, Grab this free 44 page journal to uncover your current money blocks, beliefs, and habits.

Challenge: Day 2

The Laziest $13K month challenge (2).png

Day 2: Crafting your high end package: Stop creating low end programs!

Before when I was undercharging for my work I used to create low end programs all the time. My time was focused on creating content and then low end programs over and over.

I remember one time doing 9 Facebook live’s, NINE GUYS, for a $99 course.

When you are in that space of creating low end programs or undercharging for your 1:1 program, or maybe not even talking about your 1:1 program, because you are convinced that nobody will buy it, you are dealing with the money mindset monster.

You have convinced yourself that people don’t buy, people won’t pay, and there’s no way you can sell anything for more than $397 or $2K.

I’m here to tell you, it was EASIER to sell my $6K + $10K packages than it was to sell $99 and $397.

Coming back to setting that 6 figure foundation that has cash flow…your business can not sustain on making a couple hundred bucks, IT CAN NOT.

Guys can we take a second… who here remembers getting transformation from a:

  • a $99 program?

  • A $200 program?

  • Maybe even a $500 program?

Now who here remembers:

  • a $2K program?

  • a $5K program?

  • Maybe for you it could be your first $997 program?

Because there is a difference in the way people show up for a program where there is A LOT OF SKIN in the game.

IF you want to serve, if you want to transform people, not just help them or keep them comfortable, you have to a high end program.

unfuck your money mindset cover tablet.png

Want to start creating a better relationship to money?

Start here.

This journal is 44 pages FULL of questions around your money blocks, beliefs, and habit that are stopping you from making BANK.


Now I’m not mocking the low end business model, it works really well for a lot of people AFTER they have a foundation, they’ve built a following, and they have their true message nailed down.

Okay so the next question you’re going to ask is HOW Shannon?

HOW do I sell high end programs?

What does it look like?

The question is not HOW, the how is the easy part, and I will get to that.

A business that is lazy doesn’t focus on WHAT I NEED TO DO, it focuses on WHO do I need to become.

The question is WHO do you need to become to start selling higher end programs and packages?

What do you need to believe + know about yourself in order to sell higher end programs?

What do you have to let go of to sell a high end program?

How can you make yourself feel so freaking worthy of a high end client?


When you can get your mind behind why you can easily sell high end packages, why you are so freaking worthy, and why having higher end packages is of more SERVICE to people, then you don’t need a HUGE to do list.

Guys you don’t need to add anybody to your list or your following, they are there RIGHT NOW. My client made $33K this month, my other student got 300 people interested in her program and not a single person followed her, my other client made $15K with a brand new coaching business with 150 likes on her Facebook page.

The lazy way is:

1) get behind it, get the fuck behind it, that you can do this, that you are worthy, << that is all the WORK you really need to do. Your to do list should just be get behind my prices.

2) Your higher end package should be focused on transformation, not about your ego, do NOT STUFF A PROGRAM THAT IS JUST FULL OF YOU TRYING TO PROVE. It is not about you, it is about the client.

3) The program should be longer than 6 weeks, I’ve offered shorter program, it has to be longer to get that transformation, it’s just my input, my clients do get quick changes, rapidly and fast, but I know that in order for them to work through the phases of was that luck, can I do this without a coach, to truly get the shift that stays, they need more than 6 weeks of work

4) You show up ONLY talking to people who are ready for transformation NOW, not the one’s that are waiting or who even have objections, forget anybody else that can’t afford you, forget any of that, speak to the woman who is like I need this girls work.

5) All you have to do is SHOW up as you know people will get results. The only showing up you need to do is Facebook posts or FAcebook lives, fuck a sales page, fuck the funnels, keep it lazy. if you show up as aghh I don’t know, maybe, aghh who would want to work with you!?

Okay these are the only THINGS YOU NEED TO SELL A HIGH END PACKAGE, if you truly want to be lazy, if you don’t, if you want to make it hard, if you want to struggle, that is your choice, I choose lazy ALL DAY.

I choose to know if I can get my mind behind it, show up as the bad ass coach that I am, it WILL SELL.

I do not have to complicate it, you do not have to complicate money, you do not have to struggle for money, release the old pattern of struggling for money, start a new story.

Want to know how you start telling a different story of money?

Stop repeating the pattern of “struggling for money”

Stop repeating the pattern of “you have to work REALLY hard to make money”

Start creating a new pattern and new story RIGHT NOW:

Challenge: Day 3

The Laziest $13K month challenge (2).png

Day 3: Laziest $13K Month challenge: Your nice girl is showing and she’s leaving you broke.

In this post I’m covering why you want to quit every couple months and how to fix that.

How to create a Facebook post or content that converts into $10K clients or 300 applications for your program or a $23K month.

Welcome to the laziest $13K month challenge, we are on day 3 and I’m covering 2 TOPICS. So strap in, get your coffee, and grab that journal, because we are going DEEP today.

(You can find day 1 here and day 2 here)

  1. Let’s talk about that moment or day or week or month when you want to step back from your business, when you want to shut the whole shit down because it’s not working.

    You’re in debt, no one is clicking on your stuff, you just finished launching another low end program and maybe made $1,000, and you start to open up the indeed tab to search for jobs, because this shit is NOT WORKING.

Now maybe you have already established your why, you want to make a financial contribution to your family, or you want to be at home with your children, or you wanted to make money doing something you love traveling the world.

^ THAT will not get you through those moments. Your purpose has to be bigger than you and you have to understand + get real corny with it, like REAL CORNY.

I remember watching some people and being like… “omg you’re not making that much of an impact on the world”, seriously, like used to roll my eyes kinda stuff AND NOOOWWW that I got over my immature ass, you know what I realized……

fuck yeah those women are making an impact, fuck yeah they are changing lives, this whole industry even if you think it’s a bull shit, or a scam or whatever, it has completely and totally changed hundreds of thousands of womens lives, we are now doing something completely and totally different from what was available to our parents, and we have created this thing all on our own.

Now my deep mission + message that has kept me going on days when nobody buys my shit, or clicks on my post, or when I only have 3 people signed up for my group coaching call..

Is that women need to make more money in this world, and IF I show them how, I can help impact just the small pocket, but more than that, when I help my clients make more money..

The money doesn’t stop in their pockets, it ripples throughout the world.

Think about it: my client who goes on to make more money in her business, she goes on to hire virtual assistant, a graphic designer, another female team member, and then think about where else that money goes, it goes on to pay for dinner at mom and pop restaurant in town, that restaurant then pays it’s cooks, who get to use their paycheck to keep on the lights on in their home, I mena just think about what really happens when we as women create more money in this world. It is scientificaclly proven that women spend more on their communities than men.

Because I know that^ because that is my WHY, when I have those moments of fuck this shit, crying on the floor, frustrated crying to my husband, I remember that, and I keep going.

You need yours.

Why are you doing this?

What is the point?

Make it bigger than you, it has to have IMPACT and it probably has to be CORNY.

NOWWWWW that we have something within us that we are so FREAKING  passionate about it.

it’s time talk about your nice girl, who’s leaving me bored, and you broke.

  1. I want you to take a second right now to scroll through your Facebook feed or a FAcebook group, is there any posts that catch your attention?

  2. The posts that do, the people you love to follow, what are they doing different than everybody else?

  3. Ill tell you.. They’re being vulnerable, they’re sharing stuff that is HARD to share.

  4. They are not teaching things but they are sharing stories, lessons, and saying things that PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR

content that converts tablet 1.jpg

Want to know how to write a post that converts?

  1. What does your ideal audience need to hear that you’re afraid to say?

  2. Where are you holding back from telling the FULL story?

  3. Grab the PDF over there to learn how to structure the post, the mindset work, and the images to include to attract high level clients

High end clients don’t pay for my knowledge, because guys there is literally only so much business knowledge before it starts to repeat, high end clients pay me because of the immediate trust that I establish with them, they already know me just from a couple Facebook posts, they know my story, they know everything, I hide nothing.

High end clients don’t pay for my knowledge, because guys there is literally only so much business knowledge before it starts to repeat, high end clients pay me because of the immediate trust that I establish with them, they already know me just from a couple Facebook posts, they know my story, they know everything, I hide nothing.

Hiding, appearing perfect will get people feeling like aghhh I don’t know.. I’m not sure if I fully know her…

My highest converting post: is a post about a fight I had with my mom and that story touched so many people AND it also got haters, OH YES people told me I Was a bitch, I was ungrateful, but for everyone 1 of those, I got woman who said thank you for opening up about that struggle, because I have it too, because I was scared to put boundaries in relationships or with my parents.

Step by step how to craft a vulnerable high client converting post >>

THE LAZY WAY: is to show up be vulnerable, put it into a Facebook post and tell people to message you,

No funnels, no webinars, just do the mentally hard work everyone wants to avoid

The Laziest $13K month challenge (2).png

Challenge: Day 4

The laziest $13K Month Day 4: STAY IN THE ROOM

The Laziest $13K month challenge (2).png

Welcome back to the laziest $13K month and today is WHERE WE GET ALL SORTS OF LAZY.

If you do: mantra’s, affirmations, your journaling your freaking head off and you’re still not hitting your money goals this live stream will change everything you know.

If you guys have enjoyed the challenge, leave me a comment below, I’d love to know who has participated and really soaked up all this knowledge.

If you haven’t read the 3 other days: you can find day 1 / day 2 here / day 3 here

You need to go watch them, they tell you how to package your high end package so it sells (and yes you do need a high end package), how to get $10K clients from 1 Facebook post, and what a 6 figure business foundation looks like.

The lazy way of running a business really just comes down to making everything SIMPLE and honestly the simplest way to hit your goals, is if you do the work in your head.

I was talking with my client the other day, who has just had her first $33K month and I was like tell me how you feel about this month, she put into perfect words. She said “it’s hard, like it’s not easy to do the work in your head, but after you do it, you almost feel like an idiot for how complicated you made everything seem”

So you might feel like I do mindset work all the time, I journal, I get it Shannon, but here’s what I want you to know, you can mantra, do affirmations, say 100 positive money mantras, but if you not have addressed what is truly going on beneath the surface, you will not hit your income goals.

The real root cause of not hitting your income goals lies in your beliefs and the action you take to prove them wrong or right.

For example: Let’s say right now on a daily basis you have thoughts that no one will buy your $3K package or you feel like it is SUPER hard to sell it.

Eventually you seek out ways to PROVE that belief to be true and the cycle continues over and over, until eventually you lower your price or try to sell something for $97.

In order to sell something you have to “get behind it”, that means that without a doubt you are fully and completely convinced that this thing is happening, that it’s totally possible, and there’s no way you won’t get this thing.

This is where the quote “staying in the room” comes from. If you’ve ever been to hot yoga and they tell you to “just stay in the room, even if you can’t hold a pose,” it’s challenging your beliefs. They want you to prove your belief “that you need to get out of this fucking room before you turn into a puddle" wrong, haha.

So if you stay in that hot yoga room, even when it feels uncomfortable, you are now proving the belief that “you can’t stay in the room any longer” to NOT BE TRUE.

From there you can keep growing and expanding, maybe next class, you’ll hold the pose for longer.


So let’s think about in terms of your $3K package, if your belief (belief can not just be changed mantra’s and affirmations alone), instead of promoting it for just a little while and then no one buys it so you create something low end or new or discount it, what if you just “stay in the room?”

You just hold on to the belief and truly convince yourself everyday that someone is going to buy it, and you STAY THERE. Don’t offer something new, don’t discount it, just STAY IN THE ROOM.

Then once you do it, you now have broken that belief to not be true, which will lead you to go on to now establishing the new belief that of COURSE people buy your $3K package, and you rinse and repeat that process over and over with every new price.

unfuck your money mindset cover tablet.png

Trust me: stay in the room. You’ll thank me when you’re a completely different person in 6 months.

Did you grab the 44 page journal all about uncovering your money mindset beliefs?

In this money mindset journal uncover what beliefs are holding you back from “staying in the room”.

Your nice girl is killing your business


Why I'm not a nice girl anymore..

I will say things you won't want to hear.

I won't tell you it's going to be okay if you don't step up in your business.

I won't say "it's okay!" if you don't want to put yourself out there.

I won't say "it's fine!" if you want to put off going after that thing you REALLY want to do.

I don't get upset anymore if people don't like what I have to say.

It doesn't bother me anymore when women talk about how much money they made.

I don't get upset when people bad mouth coaches.

I'm not a nice girl anymore.


Because being a leader means doing ^ these things.

It means people won't like you, or what you have to say, or that you share money numbers.

Being a leader also means saying things that are HARD to hear.

Being a leader also means seeing when you're playing small and calling you out on it.

Being a leader pushes you to grow.

If I want to be a leader, make a shit ton of money, and inspire a fuck load of women, I can't be a nice girl.

Neither should you.

Are you ready to embrace the Boss Bitch you are? Are you ready to earn like a boss bitch? Grab a copy of my Boss Bitch Money Journal NOW.

theworldis youroyster.(1).png

[ Let's talk about pain, a topic avoided in the online entrepreneur world, but deeply felt by all of us... ]

You have so much potential right now sitting within you.

I know you're scared to acknowledge the power within you.

I know you're scared to acknowledge that you could be ME.

That you could be making the amount of money I am or running the type of business I am.

I know you're scared to see the stuff you've been running from, like raising your prices, or getting real about how you need to show up online.

I know you're scared to invest in yourself because it's really fucking scary and you've done it so much already.

I know you want to run away from pain. You want to run away of how powerful you can actually be.

Because you're listening to all the "what if's" right now in your life.

What if you invest in yourself and don't make the money back? What if you invest in yourself and you get in more debt?

What if this doesn't work? What if you can't do this?

What if you can't book a client at a higher price?

What if this is another thing you do and nothing changes?

Here's how I process pain + fear now: I feel it deeply, I acknowledge it, and say I see this fear, I feel the pain if nothing works out, and you know what I'll keep doing?

I keep GOING.

I take the steps I need to keep growing, keep improving, and I embrace the pain and say if I fuck it up, you know what?

I'm going to be a-fucking okay.

Just like you are going to be a-fucking-okay if you invest in yourself.


Don't run from the PAIN, face the PAIN, invest in yourself, get better and keep growing.

I can promise you, the pain becomes worse, the MORE you avoid the scary stuff.

Click below to work with me. I know you're ready.

Face the pain + grow.

Why your relationship with your mom or dad is causing you to not be seen as an expert

theworldis youroyster..png


I know you are dying to be seen as a leader in your industry.
You want people to reach out to you to work with you, to respect your time and definitely not message you with "I'd love to get your feedback on this thing.." (yes that thing you would charge money to do and they want it for free), and you want to be tagged in posts where people are looking for influencers or people to hire.


You share testimonials, wins, look at what my clients did, here's what I did, isn't this amazing?
While you think.."do you see me as a leader yet?"
Will this thing prove to you that I know what I'm doing and I'm great at what I do.

But the pattern you play out with this stuff ^ is the exact same pattern you're playing out with your mom or dad. 
You want them to respect you, to see you as a business owner, to see that you're doing great things, and might even be making $5K-$10K a month but it still doesn't seem like they get it yet or respect what you're doing.
They might make comments about how "cute your little online business is" or that you should just give up this business thing and focus more on your kids or family.
Every time they say those statements you boil up a little inside. 
You feel the frustration almost come blowing out through your ears and the cycle of proving to everyone begins again.

The way you're not showing up confidently, worthy, and like a fuck yeah woman who gets what she wants, is the same way you show up with your parents.
You get treated that way.

You get treated that way with clients, potential clients, strangers on the internet, your parents, friends, possibly your spouse, and most definitely... with money.

Until you fix that pattern, you will continue to be treated that way, and you will chase, chase, chase money, until you're burnt out and exhausted or until you have a lot of money but you're fucking miserable.

How do you do that? ^ 
Work with me of course ;)

theworldis youroyster. (3).png

We're all just freaks and outcasts in this online entrepreneur world....

You may not have felt accepted in a traditional corporate job.
You may have felt like you are too much in your family.
You may have felt like you're weird, different, or an outcast from "normal" people.
You may have felt like you should be happy with the regular stuff, a 9-5, the regular life, but it's not enough for you.

That's why we have this little part of the internet where we all gather and push each other to be more of ourselves.
To not hide or dim our light.
But to let our freak flag fly high.

I've always been known as a firecracker, a nickname coined by my husband.
I don't sugar coat things. I'm incredibly direct and honest.
This gift that in the corporate world was obviously my biggest downfall, now in this world, is my greatest blessing.

With my coaching, it allows me to go deep with clients quickly and get results fast.
I don't dance.
I won't try to tell you it's okay or yeah it's hard.
I'm incredibly direct and honest about what's going on with you.

But more than anything, as your coach, I want you to be 110% yourself. 
It is safe to be yourself in this world.
WE only want to watch and be lead by people who are being authentic.
If you want fast traction in your business, don't hold back, be you.

Girl, today, let your freak flag fly.

Why you have Wendy clients when you could have STEAK clients

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You KEEP choosing to eat Wendy's because you think you're not good enough to eat steak.
I know WTF is she talking about.. follow me on this because it will change your life, even if you're a vegan.

👉Choosing to allow the "Wendy's relationships" in your life to get all of your time, instead of holding out for the amazing relationships. These relationships might make you feel good for a short time or in short bursts, but long amounts of time in them leave you feeling frustrated, hurt, or misunderstood.

👉Choosing to accept "Wendy's clients" in exchange for money when you really could have amazing clients that pay you your higher rate, respect your time, and trust YOU. Yes the "steak clients" exist, they pay you your "omg rates" and RESPECT YOU.

👉Choosing to keep working with the "Wendy's coach" the coach that doesn't get you, that's not listening to you, who you now feel like wasn't a good fit for you. But you can continue to work with them because you paid for it!

While you can eat Steak (or whatever vegan substitute is out there) you choose to keep eating Wendy's.

It is a choice to treat yourself like shit.
To accept anything less than what you should be deserving.
To accept anything less than the BEST income.
The best relationships EVERYWHERE with EVERYONE (yes even with you're parents).

Because you feel not good enough, yeah maybe you're making $5K-$10K a month but it still doesn't feel good enough AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHY.

That's because you are choosing to surround yourself with people and things that makes you feel not good enough.

Ready to stop eating Wendy's and get the life + biz that makes you feel good enough? Apply below.