The Power of Choice

Everything is a choice.

E V E R Y T H I N G is a choice.

We are products of our choices, we are products of the small choices we make every day of what we'll use to fuel our bodies, we are products of choosing what money we will take in return for our services, we are choice of choosing what messages we want to listen to about the world or about ourselves.

You have the power.

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The power of choice, to choose how much money you want to make, the power to choose who you want to be, the power to choose what you want to look like, and what you act like.

You have the power every day to decide who you will surround yourself with.

You have the power every day to hear what you want and filter out what you don't.

You have the power every day to listen to negative thoughts and beliefs.                  You have the power to install positive, joyful thoughts and beliefs in to your mind.

You get to choose your future and you get to choose where you will put your time.
You have the choice to put your time and focus into things that will give you a good return OR you can choose to fall victim.

You can choose to fall victim to the belief that success is not made for you.
You can choose the victim role because it's easy, it's just easier, but man is it not fun.

The power of choice, is what propels people into momentum or into a downward spiral.
The power of choice of not seeing how you can do better, be better or become more, that is a choice.

       Are you on the right path?

       Are you on the right path?

I'm looking for the next leaders in the online business world, the girl who wants to be Rich, Fit, and a Celebrity. She wants the fucking world in the palm of her hand and she will GET IT. 

She wants to learn how she can take better care of her body + not only how to uncover all the shitty beliefs holding her back but also learn how to budget her money + she wants a successful online business, LIKE NOW.

Access your inner badass and get the 5-day Confident Like a Queen Challenge now!

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5 Things I'm Scared To Tell You

1) It has been uncomfortable adjusting from scarcity + poverty into success + abundant life. All of it.

From growing up in a cramped 2 bedroom home where my mom slept on the couch to now having 2 homes.

It has lead me to sometimes feel like I try to show it off, to show people "Look I did it!", and that has pushed some people away.

It has led me to a lesson of being humble but still standing for women to be rich if they want to.

Sometimes it felt easier, more comfortable to stick with my roots of "yeah I struggle too!" like everyone else.

Having big goals has sometimes lead to moments of friends feeling uncomfortable around me for wanting so much.

It's been a big adjustment this year.




2) I still wrestle with my money mindset every day. I've come leaps and bounds from where I was but "new level, new devil" is ALWAYS there.

In case you have ideas that once you reach a certain amount of money, OR that once you pay this thing off, or do THIS thing, man I've got some bad news.

We are entrepreneurs for a reason, and that reason is that we are relentless- we are always striving to be better.

So once you hit that money goal, pay off that thing, or pay for that other thing... guess what happens.." new level, new devil" which means you end up saying…

Okay now how can I be better? How can I do more?

3) I believe in equality for all.

I've been told several times to keep my political + religious views out of my business, because it's the "proper" thing to do.

But I can't. I won't.

I believe in equality for all people and all races.

I stand for love and I stand against anything that comes from the intention of hate.

I won't be silent about some of my views on these things and that's because they weigh so heavy on my heart.

Even if it's the "proper business" thing to do.

I won't be silent.


4) I wish you knew how I see you.

How I see all people.

As these incredibly, ridiculously strong people who down play themselves in so many ways.

Sometimes it frustrates me that you deny yourself love, that you give it all away with fear that if you hold some for yourself, you won't have enough to give away.

But there is limitless love within you, there is enough love for yourself, for your family, for your children, and especially, goddamn it, ESPECIALLY for you.

Seriously you guys are pissing me off with how small you see yourself and how large I see you. <3

5) I don't have all the answers.

I can't promise you a million dollars.

I can't promise you success.

I am learning every day.

What I have learned is that if you change your thoughts, your habits, you break your limits of what you're allowed to have, you can have happiness.

You can feel abundance, you can feel more love, and you can see how much you have to give, not to TAKE, but to GIVE.

I've ripped it all open and it's not so bad.


What's 1 thing you're scared to tell me?

I'm Scared I'm Not Doing Right

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Photo by:


I hear this all the time from my clients and this is one I had to get over big time in my business.


I used to always think that there was a right way to do things in business. The right way to post to Instagram, the right way to structure a funnel so it converts, or the right way to write a Facebook post so clients would convert.


Now I'm not totally dismissing the details but I'm calling bullshit on this fear.

This fear is just another thing that wants to cripple you, keep you in resistance from doing the WORK like showing up on social media, keeps you playing small by not asking for the money that you want, and stops you from creating because you AREN'T DOING RIGHT.

As if there is a "right" way to do business, welcome to the wild fucking wild west, where people build online businesses (even if your business isn't online, I bet all of your marketing is) and guess what happened in the wild west?


Because we're all trying to figure it out and this arena is moving faster than any of us can put together a Facebook ad and sell it on a webinar.

How are you suppose to show up in your business?

In the way that makes you fucking fierce, makes you feel like a fucking bad ass, in the highest level form of thinking you can achieve and be.


If you're worrying about "doing it right", the only way to do it right is to do it in the way YOU WANT.
Because lord knows by the time you figure out all the "right ways" to do it, that time will be over and there will some new "way" to do it.


Now I'm not dismissing the details, little things like making sure you have a call to action on a Facebook post, having images that attract your ideal client, and using the right Instagram hashtags.

Yeah that shit can matter.

But not even close as much as if you're having fun, if you're showing up consistently, if you're always operating from the highest level, from the best bad ass version of yourself you can be.

Because when you show up like "Umm, hi I'm here? Am I doing it right? Does anybody give a shit?"

GUESS WHO likes that?



Female Entrepreneurs Are Playing Small

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Female entrepreneurs are playing small.

We hide.


Hide behind our families.
Hide behind our husbands.
Hide behind what we think should come before our own.
Hide from judgement of others.
Hide from our power.

Down play our power.


We down play our needs, desires, and wants.
We stand in fear that if we own our power or truly go after what we want, that we will take away from others or someone or something.


We think sacrificing our needs and wants will lead to a better family.


But what if playing small actually hurts our families?

What if denying yourself of your passion doesn't help your family?


By not truly stepping what you want, owning it, and going after it, you are actually denying your family of more. 

If you desire more, if you desire a successful business, if you desire to be a leader in your industry, then you must go after it.




You have to fully own and fully stand in power that it will be YOURS.
You have to fully own your power.
Own the power that you have to get anything you want.
Own the power that your desires match as much as anybody else's.


Uncover how you can unlock your power with these 33 simple questions:
Click on the cover to grab your copy!!



You Can't be a Six Figure Entrepreneur with Part Time Self Discipline


You can't be a 6 figure entrepreneur with Part Time Self Discipline


These words rolled through my head as I'm walking out of Starbucks today and I can't believe how much I'm getting done in a day.

I used to stumble my way through work weeks.

Sitting at the computer, scrolling social media accounts, and looking at mine like

UGHHH not again.


Not another week of trying to do something or anything consistently that will get me to more sales.


Or staring at the blinking cursor on my computer trying to conjure up something to mark "write blog post" off my to do list


Wasting time..

Wasting time..

It was like pulling teeth. I remember that place so clearly; a place of confusion, of what am I doing?

What am I supposed to be sharing? & HOW the fuck do I make money!?

Oh how badly I just wanted that 6 figure year.

The magic number.


I grab another shiny object on a Facebook ad and say "This will do it! This Facebook ad freebie will get me to that six figure year."
Grab it, half ass the PDF, and realize she begins to repeat everything I've already heard after grabbing 30 other PDF's, work sheets, webinars, etc.....

Do the mindset work and be consistent with your marketing.



(That cat is hiding from reality.. just like I was)

(That cat is hiding from reality.. just like I was)

So I go back.. keep doing it.. putting in part time hours, hiding behind my computer, sharing my posts about "SEO", and wondering WHY I haven't hit my 6 figures yet.

Until it hits me..

I've been operating from the same Shannon that is keeping me at this place.

I HAD to change. ALLLLLL of it had to change, but most importantly deep down I had to change.

Ready for your change?


Attend this FREE live workshop:

Ready to master self discipline?
TO BE CONSISTENT with social media?
To be consistent with your marketing?
For once and all master your work ethic + self discipline in your business?

When you say YES to all of that, you are saying YES to more money.

Why Working on Your Mindset Will Lead You to More Money


Most of us go about our businesses with the "doing's".

"I'm DOING all the things Shannon and still no money's."


It's easy. It's easy to figure out, it's easy to solve but to do the WORK is the hard PART.

Here's what I've learned from owning a successful wedding business + a successful online business:

If you are fucked in your head about:

-Your success
-Your belief that your business can be successful
-Or how much money you should be charging

When you deep down believe that you can't be successful.

No matter how much you do, how hard you try-

PUSH your way through things.

You will always sabotage yourself.

Your sabotage could look like this:

- Not being consistent on social media no matter how hard you feel like "you're trying"
- Not asking for the sale when you know you should be
- Not e-mailing your list
- Lowering your prices
- Worried about coming off sales-y
- Not setting any goals because fuck it you won't make them anyways!
- Not truly ever 110% going after anything


Wanna get down to the nitty-gritty + change your money mindset?

Unfuck your money mindset.png

How do I know all of this? Oh HI, have we met?

I'm Shannon, a pro self sabatoger. I used to love to complain that I was doing everything but THE MONEY WASN'T POURING IN.

Quote Graphic.png

After getting my mindset together:

  1. My biggest month ever

  2. Getting honest about my money story

  3. Committing to self discipline, doing the inner + outer work

  4. And I feel really fucking good about money now.

Ready to feel good about money?


Grab your copy of Unfuck Your Money Mindset now!

How My Clients Turn $997 into $25,000


Ever wonder how to make use of your money?

How to make the limited or lack of funds you have actually create more money?


If you are in business and you’ve come to a place where you feel stalled or stuck or that you’re just not hitting the big numbers you thought you would be, it is time to hire a coach.


Coaching gets a bad rep sometimes and that sucks because it really is the business changing move to get you to create more money in your business.


When I was deciding between starting Shannon DePalma Coaching and selling my floral design business, I sat for months in indecision, knowing I wanted to be and do more than what I was.


But I was S-T-U-C-K like stuck as in the only way I could express what was going on my head is this gif:


It was like I wanted this thing to happen so badly, the overwhelm of starting over with something brand new that at the same time seemed so exciting and terrifying left me in a place of paralyzing fear.


I had been in a couple groups, following a couple coaches, and everywhere I saw “HIRE A COACH- HIRE A COACH” and I was like:

  • yeah but I can’t afford it.

  • yeah, yeah but how will I know I’ll make my money back?

  • yeah that girl can afford it but I can’t!


Until 1 day it was like I had enough.

I invested $997 into my first group coaching program (AKA put it on my credit card). I would say I got hooked. I did it, I felt supported, I felt understood by other women, and I was also amazed at my coaches life. She was filling up group coaching programs, teaching women from home, motivating them, and making $20K a month, taking off 2 months a year.


She showed me that life I dreamed of was possible, I knew this was my calling.


Her program helped me to raise my prices in my floral design business, treat myself like a CEO, and triple my revenue. The funny thing was that I was still stalling a bit when it came to the coaching business.

It was like I was denying my true calling because it scared me so much and at the same time I wanted it SO bad. I made the floral design business work because there was less fear there. 

A couple months later I invested in another coach. I really needed for the coaching business to work or just at least START, I invested $1800 with her. Her coaching included a marketing strategy, places to get my name out there, and a couple months after working with her I booked a $10K wedding client.

After a couple months, that was it, I was going to make a decision to fully step into the coaching business and sell the wedding business.

I did. 2 months later the contracts were signed, I sold the wedding floral design business.


As I entered my first year of coaching, I was nervous, excited, and ready for this thing to WORK. I started coaching clients on the thing I knew BEST: WEDDINGS, duh.


adriana testimonial 3.png


At this point I had a few beta (Free) clients and after that I started getting more coaching clients. I was getting better, and I was working with my own coach too. I started to carve out my niche and I started to really understand between what my clients would say they want and what they really NEEDED from me as a coach.


As I came into my first engagement season as a coach for wedding pros. I had found my groove, the clients I wanted, AND had hit my first $7K month as a coach.


The following months my clients went on to hit some of the biggest goals I had ever seen.


lindsay testimonial.png


The months before I had clients that were brand new hitting their first $5K months, finding their confidence in their business, and booking 3 wedding packages in 2 weeks.

But after my first $7K month I started creating explosive results from my clients.

The clients that worked with me after this went on to:

  • Hit $25K in 3 months

  • Raise their prices from $2800 to $4K per package

  • Start becoming consistent in their marketing efforts

  • Hit $23K in 3 months

  • Become confident in their sales process

  • Book 8 inquiries in a row




When I coach my clients, it is a process, a process that I’ve found through my own personal journey and coaching other clients on getting them what they want by giving them what they need.

When you hire me as your coach I will take you through a process:


1st step: Mindset

Digging into your thoughts, beliefs, and habits around making explosive amounts of money. Uncovering blocks around why you don’t want to be more or do more. Who you need to BE in order to get where you WANT.

2nd step: Marketing + Visibility Plan

AMPING up in all ways, shapes, forms, whatever of WHERE you need to be showing up + HOW. This is where most of my clients will try to hide from homework. This is where we create a plan step by step of where you will be showing up (think Facebook, Instagram, social media channels or blogging) and in the way you WANT (what to speak, write, and say to create massive engagement).


Then the best part about this: YOU actually doing it, CONSISTENTLY.

3rd step: SALES

Selling without the sales-y part. We come up with a process of how you can go about your sales, setting up the consults, and how you can show up to be the most confident, bad ass boss that books inquiries like ALL the time.


Oh and in this phase? I have you go on a pitching spree, that’s you selling for like 20 days straight. YUP. Did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit?
I get it.


Now a lot of my clients are different, each client needs more time in one area than some.

But this process is where the life changing work comes in.


This process is what helped my clients go from investing $997 and turning it into $23,000, $25,000.


That’s it.

Sounds less scary when I put it this way right?


Invest in yourself, believe you can make your money back + then some, and do the fucking work.


I have 2 slots available with 5 application client calls already scheduled.

If you’re set on getting coached, apply here immediately:


I went to Target and tried on a Bikini..

I went to Target today and decided to try on a couple bathing suits. I picked up  a 1 piece, a bikini, and a high waist bikini.


This was all brand new to me, typically I would try to find the bathing suit that had a lot of stretttchhhh, that I knew would be safe, that I knew would cover up a lot, or would pinch very little.


As I approached the dressing room I remembered that Target had that dreaded corner mirror when you can see EVERYTHING from behind.

I hoped that this time in the dressing room wouldn't end up with me quitting half way through trying on bathing suits, like it did last time.


As I walk into the dressing room I see myself in the mirror in my black active wear pants, and work out tank top and I think.. Oh hey, looking pretty good today.


I grab my first piece to try on a dark green 2 piece bikini. I fidget to get everything adjusted and try not to peek.


I want to get everything all on before I tear myself apart.


I get it all ready and take a deep breathe and look at myself in the mirror.

I can't believe it.


I look awesome, not awesome like oh my fucking god rock star abs type of awesome (but I will have those) but I look I'm on my way-kinda-awesome.


I even look at the corner mirror and see cellulite on my thighs, but I'm not even bothered by it. I know it's apart of being a thicker girl on the bottom, and I just love how my backside looks, cellulite and all. I can see my shape and curves,  just like oh, hey booty! and my love handles have trimmed down.


I can't remember the last time I went into a dressing room, tried on bikinis and left there feeling good. Feeling like I was excited to run a 5k tomorrow, feeling like I was excited to have my protein shake, feeling excited to see how far I could push my body, and wait for it: PROUD of my body.


Proud + my body were never ever in the same sentence for me, like EVER, not even in my teenage years.


It was like a moment of total acceptance of my body and a celebration of all the hard work I've been doing for the past 2 months.


Did I buy the bikini? They didn’t have the one I liked in my size. (A smaller size may I add ;) )


What’s so different about this time than the other times? There’s been times in my life when I lost weight but gained it back. There’s been times when exercising, eating right feel like such a push that doing it every day depleted fun + joy out of my life.


There’s been times in my life when I felt so much shame around eating I would throw it back up.


There’s been times in my life when I ate to cope with stress, when I ran to cope with stress, or when I was just maintaining so, so exercise + so so nutrition.


What  changed this time more than anything was less about HOW I did it and more about what I did before the HOW.


Most of  us all ask when someone is in great shape: HOW did you do you do it?


And of course you hear the same thing, exercise + eat right.


I remember asking people and thinking “oh please say there’s some magic diet pill or magic thing if I just do it for 15 days I’ll get the body I want.”


There never was and you guessed it, there never is.


This time, unlike all the other times, I mentally prepared for this.

I had to change my thoughts, habits, and beliefs about myself, about exercise, about eating.


Before I even started going hard in my workouts and before I started cutting back on carbs:


  • I had to mentally condition myself that there was no destination

  • that it wasn’t going to be easy

  • that it’s not harder for me

  • That this isn’t hit your goal weight and peace out

  • That girls who are in great shape probably do work for it

  • That I can hit a 10:00 mile

  • That I can push myself a little harder in work outs

  • That I can’t continue to live with an alright body

  • That I believed I could do it

  • That I can practice will power


Day in and day out I would repeat this to myself. I would be repeat it to myself exercising. I would find myself in the middle of push ups saying “Come on Shanon, 1 more you got this, you can do this” < that right there was a success to me > Before I started re-programming my brain if I was tired of doing push ups, I would typically  say “Alright this is hard,you can take a break”


I can’t shout it out louder, that the only thing that really changed for me was not HOW I lost the weight, it was changing my thoughts, my habits, and my beliefs around what I could do.


^ This is why I felt good trying on those bikini’s, this is why I didn’t tear myself apart, this is why I can say I’m proud of my body.

Ready to feel proud of your body?

Ready to feel good about money too?

Fuck Yeah Creatives Membership is now open!

It's a monthly membership for creative women who are ready to live a fuck yeah life, get a fuck yeah body ,and start making fuck yeah money.


Membership closes June 18th! 


My husband and I are going to become millionaires. Here's what we're doing.

Guys here’s my declaration: My husband and I want to be millionaires by the time I’m 40. That’s in 9 years. #powercouple


Fucking crazy right? Sure but maybe not. Millionaires are made all the time but here’s how we’re going to do it.


Step 1: Set our specific goal and rules

< Make 1 million dollars combined income by March 1st, 2026. >



  • This is before taxes.
  • The million has to be made in a way that doesn’t restrict our freedom or take away from our family, and we also have to make the money either doing things we love, enjoy, or that we don’t mind. (for example: working 3 jobs outside our home is violating the rules)
  • We will also be having 2 children within this time AGGGHHHHHHH.
  • We will also purchase 2 homes..AGGHHHHHHH. 
  • 1 million is combined income, so not 1 million a piece but wouldn’t that be awesome?


Step 2: Getting real clear about money beliefs, money issues, and money blocks. (This one was mostly for me)


My husband has for most of his life always had a great relationship with money, he seriously never had a lot of issues like weird feelings or emotions around money.

His biggest stumble he had to get over was tracking his money. We talked about how he had a month when he made a good amount of money but had no idea how much or where it went.


He was the one who introduced me to entrepreneurship, his family is full of entrepreneurs, and he has been financially independent, making money in any ridiculous way he can. He’s got a history of making money from creating avatars on poker sites, selling guitar glue, or writing short freelance stories. He really believes that owning 2 houses will be cake for us and whenever he sets out a money goal he achieves it.


My story with money is a lot more complicated. I grew up with money being a huge source of tension within my family. I was raised by a single mother and we were poor. Food was always on the table, and we always had a roof but things were hard. When I was little, our first house was in a real shady area, with shootings and a murder happening a block away. The house I grew up in as a teenager was in a much better area but there was 4 of us in a 2 bedroom house with my mom sleeping the couch. Money for me was something that felt elusive, it felt like it wasn’t meant for me. For most of my teenage years, I really had no idea I was poor, I knew I always had to work for anything I wanted, and some things were harder. Research shows if you have friends that make more money than you, you feel like you’re on their level of income, even if you’re not. Having friends that were middle class made me totally forget that I wasn’t until I went away to college. That became obvious fast but I worked through it, made it through college working always working over 30 hours, sometimes working 2 jobs, just to pay my bills. But woof, money felt like a struggle, even when I got a 9-5, the student loan payments came in, and life felt hard. Money felt hard and I felt back into a trap of establishing bad money beliefs + habits.



Here’s some beliefs I had to break, some I didn’t know existed until I dug deep either:

  1. Money is hard to make

  2. Only men make a lot of money

  3. I was born poor I’ll always be poor

  4. I can’t have a lavish life because I had a really hard beginning

  5. Oh this person is only rich because their parents were rich or her husband is rich

  6. Money isn’t fair

  7. People who make a lot of money are assholes

  8. I don’t need a lot of money

  9. I don’t care about fancy cars

  10. If I make a lot of money my friends won’t like me

  11. If I make a lot of money I’ll feel guilty that my mom had to struggle

  12. If I make a lot of money then my husband might not like me

  13. If I make a lot of money I probably won’t be a good wife or mom

  14. Making a lot of money means I’m working all the time

  15. Making a lot of money means doing things I don’t want to do, like working all the time


This was a first step for me to establish a better relationship with money and uncover some real shitty subconscious beliefs I had that I didn’t even know existed. If I left those beliefs there, I might work hard all my life and spend it all, or sabotage having a savings account, there was a lot dark, ugly stuff under there.

Wondering what type of ugly money habits you might have that are keeping you from making more money or having more money? 

unfuck your money mindset cover.png

Grab a Copy of Unfuck Your Money Mindset.

A 15 page work book on how to uncover your Money Blocks, Beliefs, or Habits that are stopping you from making Bank in your Biz and Life.

Step 3: Where the fuck is our money going?


If you’re anything like us, you probably have a vague idea of where your money is going (bills to pay, things to pay for ,etc) but by the end of the month or week or paycheck, your money is gone. There’s never enough to go around and it feels like well I’m not making enough.


WRONG. Guys you’re so wrong, you actually have a lot more money than you think and if you give every single dollar a direction, you can save a shit ton of money.


1st) Register for You Need A Budget, this shit is changing our lives:


It seriously saved me $500 the first month I used it.

Read #2 for further explanation how it works.


2nd) Give every dollar you have coming in for the next month, a place to go, every single dollar. Include big expenses you need to save for.

Like for example, my hair is huge and my hair appointments are $250, seriously. I know. Every couple months when the appointment would come, it would just be okay on the credit card it goes and I’ll use my next paycheck or I’ll use a big chunk of my current paycheck to pay for it.

Now I set goals in my budget for that next hair appointment and put a little bit of money into the hair category every month.


If you’re familiar with the envelope method which Dave Ramsey is a huge fan of. This is really similar to it but with this one you can move money from other categories.

For example: this month I was going to an expensive brunch with a girl friend I took some money from my clothing budget.


The first time we set up our budget my husband was dumbfounded at how much we spent at the grocery store and eating out. Most people are shocked at how much they spend on food, we were included. He had budgeted money and we figured out that for the past 3 months we were spending about $1200 on ordering out, not even including groceries, we spent that much ON FOOD. We could have gone on vacation or put that towards our mortgage!?


Believe me, I’m totally embarrassed but all these little trips to the grocery store, Starbucks, ordering pizza, chinese, really added up.


We’ve been doing YNAB for about 2 months now and we have saved so much money, our food budget is now cut in half, I cook a lot of healthier meals at home and we’ve been putting a little savings aside for our vacation to Iceland, we almost have our savings goal hit ($20,000), and I will be paying for my next hair appointment in dolla dolla bills! I haven’t done that in YEARS.


We also use YNAB for our businesses!

Our YNAB for business is totally separate  from personal.


I also don’t know any millionaires that don’t know where their money is going, seriously even Oprah has said she knows where every dollar of her company is going and coming in.


Step 4: Tracking our income (EVERY PENNY)


I always thought I tracked my income like hello I have Quickbooks it tells me how much money I’ve made right? WRRONNNGGGGG.

I’ve been using Deneise Duffields Thomas free money tracker (Grab your free money track here.) to count everything I make even down to the 35 cent royalties I get from my kindle books.

Her money tracker is different because you’re not only tracking the money you make, you count the free value you get too.

Value can be a free dinner, a free drink somewhere, something you didn’t have to pay for but you just got, like a gift. It’s helping to show me like Shannon look at how much awesome shit you get every month?

It keeps me focused on the positive, in gratitude, and it’s also opening my eyes to how much money I am really making, especially because I have a lot of different sources of income (my husband too).

Before I would check my bank accounts and pull up a report but I also have other ways of making money like (Ebates, Kindle books, Birthdays (thanks Grandma!)).

My husband has a 9-5, a side consulting business, an Etsy business, a kindle book, and a passive product based business. So he has a couple different bank accounts and definitely a shit ton of ways he’s making money too.

Reminder: We track our expenses for our business on YNAB, we use Deneise’s sheet to just track income + value.


At the end of every month we’re going to start having financial dates where add up how much money we made every month. Maybeeee we’ll starting sharing those too?

That so far is going to be our 4 step system to become a millionaire. Now I’m sure we’ll be back to update this a couple more times, adding new things, or taking things away or identifying what’s important.

P.S. Have you checked out my content library? It's full of ALL THE THINGS you need to sky rocket your creative business into the stratosphere. 

If you’re in a comfort zone you’re probably not living the life you desire

comfort zone.png

As I roll over to hit snooze on the alarm clock, that quote rolls through my head. These words rolled off my tongue as I was talking to a client. As much as it hit her, man it really hit me.

I was lying in bed wondering how I could skip the morning work out, I thought of that quote, I thought of those words. They cut right through all the excuses I wanted to give myself of maybe working out later, or going on light jog instead of the intense 30 minute full body cardio. I heard those words ring true as I was negotiating with myself about how I had a long weekend, and I still had time to get in shape before summer.


I wrestled with emotions of negativity. I saw a picture of myself yesterday and fuck I did not look like I had been eating vegetables, chicken, protein shakes and exercising the most I’ve ever been in my life. I thought of how that picture made me felt, it made me felt like giving up, throwing in the towel, saying fuck it to this mornings exercise.

(evidence here)

(evidence here)


What was the point?

I still didn’t look how I wanted to, what’s the point? Give up right here. Give up right now.

That body I wanted wasn’t meant for me. It wasn’t meant to be. I could probably keep exercising for another month, watching what I ate, and maybe my outside appearance won’t reflect my inside appearance.

I did this for about another 10 minutes while scrolling Facebook and checking email. Until I repeated the quote again, “If you are in a comfort zone, you are not living the life you want.”

Right there I knew if I did throw in that towel, I would  be right back to having that body I didn’t want. Living in that comfort zone would keep me with a body that was “agh” but I also couldn’t ignore how different I had become.


Although my outside appearance has not caught up with the internal change, it will. I know it.

I get up I put on my workout clothes, and I start to fill up my water bottle. I continue on, I give that work out a lot of effort, more than I gave it last week. To me that workout was a fight, it was like a fight between the new Shannon and the old Shannon. It was me taking a stance for the new Shannon, the new woman that was stepping up, the woman that doesn’t live in a comfort zone, the girl who fucking fights to be more because she refuses to settle for basic anymore.

I get through the work out and I notice how some sets are becoming easier,  how I’m going faster, how somethings are easier. I start to come to another epiphany as I’m working out; I’m starting to notice that it’s not about the big moments, I always focused on the big moments as motivation and momentum but I’m finding that most of it comes down to those little moments.

Beyonce also helps on those days when I don't feel like it.

Beyonce also helps on those days when I don't feel like it.

The big moments to me are fitting into a size 6 jeans, putting on a bathing suit, or getting a compliment from family + friends. The little moments are when I’m wrestling with myself in bed about not exercising that morning, or those moments when I’m eating out a restaurant and I want the french fries.

Those little moments make everything. They decide whether I’m saying yes to change and uncomfortable moments, they decide when I’m saying no to change or transformation.


I’m finding all the hard parts are the little moments between where I am now and the big moments. Those big moments will last for a couple minutes and give me a couple minutes of satisfaction but the little moments they’re always there.


This is where I am, a bunch of little moments of saying yes to being uncomfortable. Man it sucks sometimes, I want the french fries, I want to sleep in, my legs are tired, I don’t feel like it, but I remember the body + life I desire. I want that.


The external satisfaction will come with time but the internal change is what I have right now, and it’s all I need.

P.S. Don't forget about my fab content library. It's the BEST thing this side of America.



What's it like When your Biz Goes Viral

Is it just me or when you hear the word “viral” does your mind go “cha-ching! Cha-ching!”

Not just me? Awesome.

You can imagine how excited I was when I got the chance to interview a wedding pro whose video went viral.

Crazy thing is that me and Bobby has this interview scheduled and he went viral about a week before we chatted.

This was totally unexpected.

Here’s his video that went viral:

In the conversation with him I got all sorts of realz because going viral is huge but guys I was SHOCKED about what happens when you go viral.


Listen to the conversation here:


How to go viral:

  1. Get your photo / vide on a bigger site, Bobby’s video was featured on, they were picked up by them but to get traction, he was submitting his video/ photo to other sites.

  2. Have a couple that is also on board to go viral too, make sure they also share the video as much as they can.

  3. Have a great title + a heartfelt story. Bobby shared that the groom told the bride “now we’re a family of three” which gave it that cute moment.

Take aways:

  1. Be READY to go viral and believe it can happen. Most of us don’t expect for it to happen and that means we don’t have a lot in place if it does go viral
  2. If it’s a video, make sure the video is first hosted on your YouTube channel and have it monetized, If it’s one of your photo’s make sure you have it hosted on your site. Bobby said that monetization was super low on the groom’s video because people aren’t likely to click on the ads on a small youtube channel.
  3.  SHARE:  Submit your photo’s to be featured on sites that feature personal pieces.
  4. Make sure your couple is into it. Bobby would have never even thought to go viral if it wasn’t for the groom being into it. Make sure they want to go viral and having them excited about going viral we’ll get them to share.
  5. Going viral if it’s not specific will not give you more inquiries to your business, crazy right? Bobby states “the net cast was so wide” that it wasn’t specifically for engaged couples which didn’t lead to more sales

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How to get Found in Google

You know when you walk into a clothing store and someone is like "Can I help you with something?" and you're like "NAH I got this." Then minutes're like I have no idea where the scented candles are in this store and an employee is no where in sight.

That scenario kinda reminds me of what it's like when you take a course or start learning about marketing in your wedding business.

It's like yeah I got this! Blog? No problem! Social Media? Pffftt I already do it.

Then... the questions come.

  • What pictures could I use on a blog post if I don't have any of my own photo's yet?

  • What should I be focusing on so I don't get overwhelmed?

  • How Should I be using Facebook ads for my wedding business?

  • How You should be approaching brides or potential clients on Instagram

  • How long should you wait to follow up with a bride?

  • Should you be posting on Instagram and Facebook every day? Once a day? Twice a day?

  • What about branding and colors?

Well I'm the employee you can't find in the store because I got you covered baby!

I'm sharing with you a 60 minute group coaching call I did with a couple clients I had back in May of 2016.
On the call we discussed all of these questions above.


In case you feel like you've been doubting yourself lately. Queen Bey will save the day:

Okay so back to your business. 

There are a couple updates I'm making to the audio:

1) One of the girls asked about figuring out why she was getting brides from another state to her site. She wanted to figure out WHY they were landing on her site.

Google Analytics should be installed at your site from the VERY BEGINNING.

As soon as you set up a website for your business, this step should be first on your life. 


2) How to find those words that brides are searching for // SEO Ninja style

Use the google keyword finder, I'll be doing a more in depth blog post on how to find them but for now, use this tool to fill up your blog posts with those words brides are searching for.

Search for keywords that are low in competition and high in search. 

Try it out here.

Click on "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category" I'm using NYC wedding photographer in this example:

Here's the results:

Now you want to find keywords that range in monthly searches within the 1k - above but are also low in competition.

Now this can take some investigating, don't give up.

If you only find keywords that have a decent search rate like (1k-10k) and medium in competition, I would jot it down and use it in your blog posts + on your website.

For example in this search: (new york photography, wedding photography prices, nyc photography, best wedding photographers) < these are all great key words to use> 


3) If you decide to do Facebook ads: I insist on a strategy.

A strategy could look like: taking that Facebook ads course a month before you plan on running ads.

But also: Not just directing a Facebook ad to your website and THAT'S IT.

When you run a Facebook ad you want to take the client through a journey.

First by giving them something free, then by nourishing a relationship with them- either through a sales funnel or by sharing a lot of content that is relate-able to them, even introducing yourself to them and saying hello.

But the main point of the ad is to GET THEIR EMAIL. 

Love this stuff in this article?

Then you're going to love the content library, stock full of all this stuff, and you're going to want to get alerted when my in depth keyword blog post comes out. 




Turning 31.

Turning 31.

I turn 31 on March 1st and I am excited and surprised and frustrated.

I’m surprised at how quickly 31 has come, I still feel like a young 20 something figuring it all out.

I’m excited because 31 has offered a lot more clarity and direction than my 20’s.

I’m frustrated because I have high standards for myself and I haven’t met them yet.

Birthdays to me have always been super special. It might go back to that every birthday morning my mom would wake us up by saying “You say it’s your birthday!” I still have no idea where she got the song from but I’m sure it was some song.

Me and my mom!

Me and my mom!

We would celebrate our birthdays with my mom cooking our favorite meal and a boxed funfetti cake. Hmmm I love eating cake the next day and it’s room temperature and a little hard, so delicious.

I make sure all birthdays now in my home with my husband are celebrated, even if my husband isn’t a fan of big birthday gestures. I make sure he knows IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY, NO JOKE.

Birthdays to me mean more than celebration though, they call for reflection. Reflection on everything I’ve accomplished, not just in the past year but in my whole life leading up this birthday. I know from working with my clients that women don’t usually take that time to reflect, we’re always focused on what’s next, and to me I know that reflection can mean so much.

On this 31st birthday I reflect on what I’ve  done that makes me happy:

  • The 1st person in my family to get a college degree

  • Married my soulmate, a man who understands every single bit of me and why I am. He just allows me to be while also grounding me when I need it.

  • Sold my first business! < I would have crapped my pants f you told me I would do that, haha. >

  • Started a podcast

  • Paid off student loans!

  • I ALMOST meditate every day and have some mindfulness in my day

  • Major personal growth (my limiting beliefs, my money stories, and how I’ve been playing small)

Making that list almost makes me feel a little uncomfortable, a little showy right? But I’ve spent too much time recently in a place of “Why not me” and when “when will my time come?!” kinda place.

I hate that place, it’s not pretty, it doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t help me.

Reflection helps me to get out of that place and say “Shannon give yourself some time” you are doing what you need to do on YOUR TIME.

Here’s to 31 with open arms. <3

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A Step by Step Guide to Make Passive Income as a Wedding Pro

passive income pinterest.png

Those 2 beautiful words you see buzzing around the internet.."Passive income" and like me I'm sure you've thought, yo how do I get that?!

This is becoming my new zone of genius working with my 1:1 clients.

I'm finding most of my clients aren't just wedding professionals or service based businesses or small businesses. They are entrepreneurs in the making.

They've drank the entrepreneur Kool-Aid and now they're ready to dive in. 

<WHAT to Sell>

When it comes to creating passive income there's 2 things we have to establish first:

1) What's your skill or topic you can't shut up about?

If your friend comes over and has no idea how to take nice pictures, do you get really excited to teach her about how to use her camera? Or maybe you have a friend that's thinking about starting an online business, do you light up at the idea of helping her put together designs for her business?

2) After you have your topic, let's find that market you can speak to.

Get really specific with the type of market you love working with.

For example: Some of my photography clients love working with women and especially with moms of young children. When we create their workshop, it would look something like this:

A photography work shop for new moms wanting to capture childhood shots.

When you create something, try to talk to 1 person, not everyone. Get really specific.

Okay awesome, now you have your skill, you have your market, now WTF to create right? This is what's so beautiful about this time in the world right now. 


If you have a knowledge or skill around a topic, you can make money passively. 

<HOW to Sell>

Here's 5 ways you can create passive income with your knowledge + skills:

1) E book

2) Work book

3) An Etsy shop selling digital downloads

4) A course

5) An online work shop

Bonus: An in person workshop (it's not passive), selling physical products through Cafe Press, or selling stock photography images.

PS: Want more content like this? Check out my content library here.

<Actually Selling it>

Now that you have the thing created, let's start raking in the money right?

Okay so listen to this CLOSELY, if you do not have a strong email list, a strong social media following, or not a lot of traffic. Use another platform that will bring traffic to you.

For example: if you have a newsletter list with 20 people on it or no newsletter list, and you want to sell an E-book, sell it through Amazon Kindle (

There still is hope if you have 0 traffic to your site or 0 people on your newsletter list.

There is a little bit more advanced way to sell a passive product but if you are a service based person and this is just a thing to make a little money on the side, please skip over this! 

There are other ways you can promote your service or product besides this advanced way.

Advanced selling of a passive product:

Facebook ad > email funnel > optional webinar or work shop > pitch your item

Here's an example of how I would create a passive income with a client who is a photographer looking to make extra money outside of the wedding season.

1) She decides that she really gets lit up about teaching 20 something women about photography

2) We come up with an online workshop about Mastering photography for the girl who loves Instagram

3) My client has about 800 Instagram followers and we can definitely convert a couple sales because a lot of her followers are creatives and girls around that age

4) We pre-test the idea, and ask around to a couple Facebook groups and if they would take a course like that

5) We build up a launch to the workshop and aim for a goal of 5 seats in the live workshop

6) She hosts the work shop and make sure it's recorded

7) She then sells the course through her website with a work book

8) She falls in love with educating and creates more! Yay! :)

How to make $100,000 as a Wedding Pro

When I started my floral design business, I thought I open the website, tweak it, post a little bit on social media, and the clients will come.

How were they coming? Where were they coming? I had no clue but I remember thinking.."Yeah this is how I'll be successful!" 

You can guess what happened next.. I had 0 inquiries and 0 dollars coming, the only people visiting were people from my personal Facebook page (thanks Mom and Uncle Mark).

My next step was to take a step back, look at this big picture, look at this business, and decide where I wanted it to go.

Plan it out, because planning always put my anxiety at ease.

I created a strategy, and my strategy was small to start at first, just a 2 month strategy of blogging and marketing.

Before I could plan this out I needed to know how to do this stuff right, I invested in a group coaching program, took some classes, and educated myself on making sure my strategy was right. 

Then I took myself to a Starbucks sat down for 2 hours and mapped out my marketing strategy for the next 2 month, what I needed to be writing every day, and posting.

The best part about it was that there was nothing to lose, yes I had invested in programs but what I was doing wasn't getting to me anywhere. It was costing me more money to sit in the place of not knowing what I need to do.

I got to work and created a 2 month strategy, and a couple months later, I thought what if I mapped out a couple months with goals, and then of course that went further.. what if I mapped out a whole year?

Up until that point I had wanted to be successful, I wanted to make a lot of money, and book a lot of clients but it was always left as a vague idea.

A vague idea of... "some day I'll be successful, make a lot of money"

Not having a plan of when, where, or why.. would always leave my some some day. 

Let's stopping make your "someday" and make your day now. 

Here's where to start:

Step 1) Listen to the audio

Step 2) Grab the goal map PDF

Step 3) Look at the inspiration goal map down below to see how it works

A goal map takes that idea of some day and turns into an actual plan with goals and a focus.

What you do is take your big overwhelming annual goal, break it down into how many services or packages you need to sell to hit your goals, and  then you have your monthly numbers.

If you're loving this fancy ass goal map stuff, you're going to go ape shit over my content library (it's full of videos, challenges, work sheets, and so much more all in one jam packed place)

Your monthly numbers will tell you what you need to be hitting every month to make that big annual goal. The only thing you have to focus on is hitting those monthly goals.

That focus is a huge game changer in your business. While most of us spend time working on our websites for months, once we do this exercise we find we need to be marketing + selling more than hiding. 

By creating an idea of by this date I will have done this, this is when I will hit my goals, and this is how I'm going to do it, is the first step you need to deciding that not some day, TODAY.


PS: If you loved this, you're going to love How to Win at Weddings.

Why I sold my Wedding Business

pinterest selling wedding biz.png

Becoming a business coach was one of the best decisions I've ever made but getting to this place was a bumpy road.

I was juggling a brand new coaching business and a successful floral design business but I had to make a decision about where my life was going to go with both businesses.

I'll bring you back to December of 2015, I got an inquiry to do a styled shoot in my business, PAID and paid well.

Doing one of my favorite weddings // Photo by City Love Photography

Doing one of my favorite weddings // Photo by City Love Photography

At the time I was building my coaching business, doing in person work shops around my town, and creating an online course.

When I got the inquiry I remember thinking "Wow, I'm getting paid to do styled shoots!? That's awesome, it awful that I'd rather work on my coaching business than proposals!?" 

When I finally got around to doing the proposal for the styled shoot, the woman coordinating it, was nice enough to say that "I was a little too late, and they found another designer."

That wasn't my first time having thoughts that my heart really wasn't in the floral design business. 

When I began this business I was always a business woman first, a designer second. Which meant I wasn't obsessed with the craft, the design, or the flowers, I really loved the strategy, learning new marketing, and how I could book more brides.

On top of that: There was another big house sized reason to get out of the wedding business.

My husband and I spend the winters in an apartment outside of NYC and the summers in a shore house in South Jersey. 

My husband was able to work from home and I had spent our past 2 summers running back and forth from the apartment to do weddings. The shore house was a special place for us, it really sucked to take time away from it.

Right then I realized giving 50% to one and 50% to another wasn't the direction I wanted to go in. I knew that the floral design business wasn't in my future, I wanted to either shut it down or sell it in a couple years. 

But, my floral design business was my full time job, my coaching business wasn't bringing in more than $150 per workshop!?  

What to do?

Well I thought...there's a couple ways I could go about this, I already booked more than I had last wedding Ill just turn down any more weddings that come my way.

But...if I wanted to sell the business the following year it wouldn't look attractive to go to the new owners and say "Look same revenue 2 years in row!" I would have to show promise of growth.

I walked to my computer and put a posting on Craigslist..(Yes, haha Craigslist!?) "Floral Design Business for sale" (I can't disclose the amount or name of the business because of confidentiality contracts).

I really didn't expect for anything to happen but it did. There it answer.

My way to have some money to live off while I was growing my coaching business, and a new home for my floral design business.  

I got a call the next day and we met at a Starbucks. They were a great fit to take over, we signed the contract a month later.

I can say to this day, the new owners are amazing, the business is growing at a huge rate, and I was able to get this beautiful note from:

Did I make the right decision?

Definitely. :) 


The Free Content Library for Wedding Pros IS NOW OPEN

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Okay so you know how most of us OR most entrepreneurs have an opt in of some sort.

Something you get in return for giving your email address. Typically you'll get a work book, work sheet or maybe a challenge of some sort.

After creating a shit ton of content from my podcast, work books, Live Facebook videos, webinars, classes, and I really had no idea what to do with it.

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Mindset, marketing, and money are my 3 basic building blocks for a successful wedding business. 

Specifically I really love:

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If that's what you love, get in on it and keep coming back to the library to get even more good stuff and to see my personal journey.

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The 5 Best Facebook Groups for Wedding Professionals

pinterest facebook groups.png

Finding support as a wedding professional trying to grow your business is so crucial.

Especially in a tight knit - referral industry like wedding businesses.

Set yourself up for success by joining these 5 awesome groups that are supportive, encouraging, and educational.

  1. Rising Tide Society: I sadly didn't  find this group until after I sold my floral design business and the wealth of knowledge and connections is abundant here. The group is mostly full of photographers but with over 50,000 members and climbing, this group is where it's at when you do anything creative or wedding related.

2. Savvy Business Owners Fingers crossed that this group is still open when this post gets published. Heather Crabtree the owner of the group has talked about making closing it down and turning it into a paid membership but this group has roots deep for creative women. Heather the owner was previously a wedding event planner for 10 years, so she knwos about the wedding industry! In it you can find a lot of heart centered entrepreneurs, that are always looking to help, and it's a great place to get direction from who you should hire to what you should do next.

3. Wedding Industry Opportuniities and Collaborations You should be familiar with the host of this group! Kellie Daab has been on my podcast and we chatted about the 5 things we wish we knew when we started a wedding business. You can listen to that episode here. Kellie does some great live Facebook videos + challenges. It's a great place for collaboration and education.

4. Wedding Business BossesHosted by Ginny Krauss and Kristin Kaplan. This is a great group to laugh, share, and getting your questions answered by other wedding professionals. The group just got re-vamped this year and it's sharing tons of good content to help wedding professionals in their business.

5. Creative Growthers That's Right bitches! That's my group, so in my group I focus on creating a community where people can come to be hold accountable, learn to grow, get honest feedback, and use a little bit of profanity. A lot of my challenges are geared towards getting people to take action, learn more about marketing, and get really honest with themselves.

If you haven't joined any groups or aren't active in them. I highly suggest you do.

Facebook groups are a great way to establish a referral connection, find people who are looking for work that you do, and even make a business bestie!

Working from home can be lonely but I've found interacting in my group, really getting to know other people in a Facebook group, and keeping in touch with a few ladies I call my biz besties keeps me more fulfilled than I've been in a while working from home.

Establishing a presence in a Facebook group has made me feel less lonely because I'm surrounded by people who understand me.

I can remember working a 9-5 and loving my co-workers but not feeling understood by them. Not feeling understood in wanting to be an entrepreneur, create everyday, and be my own boss. 

Get yourself in a Facebook group today, introduce yourself, make connections and find your place in this online world. 



PS: I'm rooting for your success <3

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3 Mistakes Wedding Pro’s Make (& How To Fix Them)


The first mistake:


Let’s talk about YOU.


Your business is 99.9% YOU.

Most wedding professionals (especially women) tend to care for everyone else, and forget about themselves.  


There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just something you need to be aware of.


Instead of jumping up, getting the kids ready for school, and checking your emails - take a little time for yourself.

Maybe you end up getting up earlier, reading a book and having a cup of tea.

How would your day be different setting the scene for yourself?


The second mistake:



You dive into your work and worry all about the how.



: How will I book my next client?


: How can I make my marketing stand out?
: How can I write in a way that gets my ideal clients attention?


There is nothing wrong with how you get something done, or how you get your clients.. But most wedding pro’s forget about their why.



If you haven’t read, I’d recommend this book here.



Your why will make you stand out like crazy, it’s the thing that sets you apart, the thing that draws people to you. Get clear on your why and let that drive you forward.



The third mistake:



A lot of wedding professionals don’t learn (or continue to learn) business and marketing techniques.


This is HUGE! A wedding business is one part wedding and one part business. You need to know how to grow your business, just as well as you need to know how to do your job.


I’ve made something very special to help combat those that are having a hard time getting clients. 


These three mistakes could be costing you a lot of money.

Commit to getting better every day.

You’ve got the talent to move forward and claim your place in the world of weddings.

I believe in you with all my heart!





ps: I'm rooting for your success

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4 Tips to Help You Grow Your Business with limited Time + Budget


Working around the clock.

Doing everything and getting nowhere.

Constantly exhausted.

- Sound familiar?


It’s easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty and forget about the big picture - the thing that matters. I think one of the things that wedding professionals get caught up in is trying to do everything, and please everyone.

I’m sharing with you my precise system for freeing up your time in our business, and making more money in the process.


One: Goals

Set goals. Without goals you can’t focus and your attention will be spread too thin.

What I do, is set daily/ weekly goals.

This plan, keeps me focused and on track.


Two: Focus

Focus on 2-3 ways that you know you can attract and convert clients from.

I’ve created a pretty cool challenge to help you learn my favorite 20 ways to get clients. It’s here and yup - it’s totally free.



Three: Prioritize

Do the most important things first. At the very beginning of your day work on the things that will bring in the money. Feeling lost.

Check this book out, and check out this episode of my podcast (fast forward to the 9-minutes mark).

Don’t motor through the day, feeling busy but not getting anything done.


Four: Educate yourself


This is the biggest thing that will propel your business forward. I’m big fan of training and education, whether you’re a photographer, makeup artist, or wedding planner. With technology today, you’ve got to learn how to stay ahead. You can jump on Facebook and share some posts, hoping someone will be interested (and most likely get sidetracked), or you can learn my formula to succeed and stay focused.


Learn more about my new course How to Win at Weddings from uncertainty to unbelievable.


I’ve created this 6-week course for wedding professionals who are stuck and are needing a helping hand.

All 6-modules are available right now! Click here to learn about the modules.

You started your business to be able to work from home and quit your 9-5, but it seems more like you’re working 6-9. Take some time out to explore each of my points above.

I know there are certain things that matter and certain things that don’t. Let’s get you focused and earning money!

With so much love!
Shannon xxo