The 10 Best Tools for Wedding Businesses

The 10 best tools for your wedding business

1. Hootsuite:

Imagine never having to look at your Facebook page again. No more Facebook page vortex BUT you’re still posting  content!?


What the what! That’s what Hootsuite does for you. My favorite way to organize my social media is to pick 1 day a week, for me it’s Monday.

I spend half the day on Monday, scheduling all of my content for my Facebook group and Facebook page. This free’s me up to only check in on Facebook a couple times a day instead of keeping it constantly open.


2. 17hats:

I’m not going to lie, I don’t use 17hats but I might after doing this research. I have a lot of colleagues mostly in the wedding field that use this to keep them organized.

This is a perfect app for service based businesses that work with clients and manage invoices but it does even more than that.

It manages email, contracts, projects, a to do list, and a calendar!


After reading all about this, I might just sign up. It’s only $16 a month!

3. Honeybooks:

This is also similar to 17hats but this is specifically geared towards wedding pro’s. With this you can track progress of your projects, from the inquiry to the booking.

They make it as easy possible for a client to pay. Plus you can add your own branding to it, it’s $24.99 a month.

4. Acuity:

If you find yourself doing that back and forth email of “does this time work for you?” then stop right there and get Acuity immediately.

Imagine how smooth it could be to book a client saying “Let’s book a phone call/Skype meeting and here’s my calendar.”

Imagine how smooth it could be to book a client saying “Let’s book a phone call/Skype meeting and here’s my calendar.” In the calendar you can have the fill out a form to gather their phone number or Skype ID.

Then imagine it’s free! Now go to the website and get it, because it’s real.

You can also pay for an advanced version that gives the client text reminders, emails, etc.

5. Canva:

The graphic designer go to. See all those fancy graphics I have like the one above. Guess what! I made it.

Well technically Canva made it, but this is also a part of my social media schedule routine on Monday, I create my graphics through Canva.

It’s free to use and they can make everything from an Instagram post to a fancy book cover.

6. Google Calendar:

If you’re already using Honeybooks or 17hats you might not need this one but I love it. I’m a combiner, I love to combine all my personal stuff with my business stuff, that way I won’t schedule a webinar or a launch when I know my personal life is busy.

It’s so easy to use and shareable. Also FREEE.

7. Mail Chimp:

Listen if you are a photographer; you are leaving money on the table if you aren’t nurturing your previous clients.

Relationships with your previous clients can turn that client into a 2x, 4x, think about how much money that could add up to. All you have to do is actually talk to these clients or let them know when you’re having a sale.

One email can make you money!

8. Pinterest:

The bride’s only design language; Pinterest boards. Perfect for collaboration. Get on it and use it to collaborate. Use it to build your business. Post boards around what your bride or client would be looking for.

If you’re a rustic, garden like floral designer post boards like “DIY garden wedding” “Dessert bar” “Photobooth ideas” “Simple natural wedding day hair”, these boards are the type of things your bride would also be looking at.

9. Skype:

The best tool for connecting with busy brides or clients who live far away. If your client does live far away, you want to connect with them immediately!

Skype is easy to use, perfect to get that like, trust, factor established when you want to book them.

10. Your Blog:

Not enough wedding pro’s take advantage of this one but I know how daunting the task of upkeep on a blog can be.

Make it easy for yourself, pick a day when you’ll plan our blog post titles for the next month and then pick a day each week you’ll write them.

Easy blog post ideas: The 10 best, the 10 worst, local venues/wedding professionals, how to pick a photographer, how to plan a wedding timeline, etc.

In case you didn’t know a blog is your new SEO. Content is king!

Bonus. Facebook groups:

Have a question about how to edit your photos? Couldn’t get that specific flower and need substitutes? Facebook groups are like supportive communities with experienced pro’s looking to help!

Some of my favorite wedding professional Facebook groups: The Rising Tide Society, Wedding Planner Collective, Savvy Business Owners

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